The direct alarm of Mara Vinier

The direct alarm of Mara Vinier

The moment of difficulty in the Rai home because of Covid. Two notes conductor sound the alarm and denounce the situation in this period.


As usual, the unmissable appointment with Sunday in. The Rai 1 talk show is always at 2 p.m., with Mara Venere on the rudder. Episode 14 Opening with Dancing With the Stars champions and Saturday Night Show winner Arisa.

The host is connected by phone to Millie Carlucci. In addition to congratulating her on how the last episode went in terms of stocks and ratings, Venier evaluated the situation that spans the entire program.

In fact, Mara denounced the fact that the Covid condition within the program is killing production, as many people have been forced to return home, having contracted the virus and thus quarantined at home.

The same was confirmed by Mili Carlucci who, in connection with the studio, confirmed these great difficulties faced by the editorial offices of television programmes. So much so that yesterday Alberto Matano was unable to participate in the Pallando final.

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Once speaking to Millie on the phone, Mara admitted that many of those who work with her are at home with Covid. “My team is your family”Viner said. “A Hug to Everyone Who Had to Go Home”, he added.

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Just like Mara, Mielle was worried tooHe stressed the difficulties experienced by all workers in recent weeks. The Dancing With the Stars host also pointed out the same Alberto Matano Quarantined with the program manager, operator and author.

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In fact, the journalist was not behind the usual table next to Roberta Prozzoni, but on call from home. The reason is contact with a person infected with the Covid virus, and therefore he preferred to be quarantined.

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