Calaf is working on a new public lighting renovation project

Calaf is working on a new public lighting renovation project

he Calaf Municipal Government The announcement was made Tuesday, April 9, at a public hearing on the city's comprehensive public lighting renovation project. An information session open to residents, held in the municipal assembly hall of Teresa Escola e Tora, helped Citizens can obtain detailed information about the planned action And send your doubts and suggestions.

As explained by the mayor, Montserrat Masses, the mayor's first lieutenant, Jordi Biosca, and the municipal architect, Esteve Neubo, the project will involve a profound transformation of public lighting with the replacement of 1,349 lighting points out of the 1,425 that the municipality owns. As well as legalizing all electrical panels. The work, which began on April 2, will allow for uniform lighting of the city's streets and reduce light pollution by at least 30%.

The municipal government also announced that the lighting renovation will become a live process, as once the project is completed, which is expected to end in September, the final result will be analyzed and implemented wherever it is. They are considered appropriate to ensure correct implementation and safety of residents.

Initially, the cost of the project increased to 1,449,047,61 euros Which was financed largely thanks to a grant from the European Union's Next Generation Funds d'1,231,690.46 euros. However, once the project was tendered, the final bill dropped to 1,059,327.47 euros, 85% of which will be borne by the European Union.

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