Napoli, Natan and Cajust in the press conference: relive the live broadcast

Napoli, Natan and Cajust in the press conference: relive the live broadcast


Cagost: “The Italian league is more tactical”

Then Cagost put it this way about the differences between Ligue 1 and Ligue 1: “I faced Atalanta some time ago, it was a difficult match. The Italian championship is very tactical, more than the French. Models? Witsel, Mousa Dembele, Pirlo, but the list will be long…”


Cagost: “It was easy to choose Napoli”

The Swede retracted his decision to move to the Blue Club: “It was the easiest decision of my life. Great coach, great city and great fans. I haven’t had time to visit Napoli yet, but what I saw is beautiful. The midfield is very strong with Lubotki and Zielinski. Already on the bench they impressed me with their friendliness.”


Cagusti: “Here to help the team”

The midfielder spoke about his role like this: “I feel like a piece of a big machine, playing or making minutes is not my goal. It’s not me I like to talk about my style, I work a lot with the team in both stages of the game. All my team mates impressed me in these early days, I’ve never seen such a high level.”


Napoli, Cagoste: “It’s an honor to play for the Italian champions”

The midfielder recounted his feelings: “It’s a really great honor, I come with great humility in the Italian champions, with a great coach, I’m really happy to be here.”


Nathan: “The Napoli fans are amazing”

Natan also spoke about the history of the Italian champion club: “I watched the Maradona series. I love the fans, they are so excited. I am excited and excited to be involved for the first time in Maradona. I never scored many headers, but I worked on it and God willing, this year it will be a good goal to score a lot“.

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Nathan: “I had a little chat with Garcia”

The defender revealed his first impressions of his new coach: “I’m studying Italian to talk to him more. At the moment we don’t talk much, but I will definitely have opportunities. It will help me improve like all the other staff, they welcomed me very well.”

4:10 p.m

Natan: “Juan Jesus and Mario Rui help me a lot”

Nathan talked about his status in light blue: “Juan Jesus and Mario Rui help me a lot on and off the pitch. I know the Italian game is very technical, they play defensive football. It’s easy for a defender to choose Italy. Here the pace is more than in Brazil”.

4:05 p.m

Napoli, Natan: “I was inspired by Thiago Silva”

The Brazilian revealed his model: “I used to work a lot in Brazil to be called up by teams like Napoli. Idol? I would say Thiago Silva for speed and tenacity. Those are my main characteristics along with technique and coverage.”

4:00 pm

Naples, Nathan: “Happy to get Kim’s number”

This is how the Brazilian central defender spoke about choosing his shirt number: “I like all three, I used them in the youth teams. Kim is a great defender and I have a lot of respect for what he’s done here.”

3.50 p.m

Naples, details of Nathan’s operation

The Brazilian defender, who arrived to replace Kim, has been paid 10 million euros by RB Bragantino.


Naples, details of Operation Cagusti

The Swedish midfielder joined from Stade Reims on a permanent deal for €12m.


Naples, Nathan and Kajust Conference

From the 16th press conference to present my new Napoli signing.

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