AAA I am looking for an apartment for Spalletti

AAA I am looking for an apartment for Spalletti

Just change a few names, a date, change some search criteria on Google and you won’t find anything new

Who knows who irons poor Luciano’s shirts… This may be why he’s been wearing a club service suit for some time. He seems to have already experienced this moment, it’s actually one The feeling of eternal return is very familiar in the era of De Laurentiis. You hear him talking on the field and you think, “But didn’t he really say that?” You hear him talking about Italian football and you think: “Yes, I’m sure I’ve already experienced this moment.” Then he reminds everyone that whoever listens to him (not him, for heaven’s sake) has identified him as a visionary and that no matter how he goes, the mind will always be on his side.

De Laurentiis spoke, but it was as if he had already done so. Just change some names, some dates, change some search criteria on Google and you won’t find anything new (or anything old if you like more) in the President’s remarks on the sidelines of the handover of a miniature Maradona statue to the municipality of Naples. In short, the chief of your usual neighborhood.

Thankfully no one asked him about Cantera, otherwise you know what’s new. Barcelona, ​​the city, structures, leech fathers, grandmothers in Cariola and whoever wants to be happy. At least that step, we’re past it. Don’t despair, though, because the boss has re-fired a great classic of ammo, like Peppino Di Capri who appeared at an event and after a few minutes of the initial deadlock begins to sing “Champagne” to the delight of those present who, after all, waited for nothing else. Nostalgia is the safe haven for all the men who have stopped fighting.

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Family is Aurelio’s backbone when something starts to falter. The Trojan horse has become to be grafted with fans’ thoughts to justify Benitez’s farewell, and now the sponsor is deflecting questions about Spalletti’s future: “He didn’t take home in Naples, Bartenope must feel in his soul.” So does De Laurentiis believe that Luciano’s hotel life has influenced or could influence the work done for Naples? Obviously not. Does the president want to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the masses? The most powerful weapon ever made. doubt. So what then, if it ends as it ought not to end, I said: “Partenope did not feel it in the soul.” As for the series: I am (also) your real estate agent. AAA I’m looking for Flat Spalletti (Refrain Wasters).

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