Thiago, we need Morata here

Thiago, we need Morata here

Dear Thiago, I would have loved to address you confidentially as Tiaguinho, but our relations are – far from it
How poetic – they advised me not to. This must be the summer of open letters, since I am the second time in a few days: the previous response received a political and private response, and therefore cannot be published, from FIFA President Infantino. I do not hope in your case.

A few days ago, I congratulated you on the first part of the work. That mandatory abstraction (Tahirovic, Volpato, Missouri, Kluivert, Perez). I guess you didn’t like it, but I dealt with it. Sayings of Giovanni Carnevale (“We need to help each other”) Somehow lowered the value of the deal with Sassuolo, not the value of your commitment. I am convinced that next season – the last season in Rome for you and Mourinho (…) if Friedkins does not extend your contracts – could be open to more issues: no club has the resources to improve the squad significantly. Thus, if Roma, as well as Lazio, can make several high-level shots, He can have fun and above all amuse his peopleContinuous miracles cannot be expected from the technical mentor, whether Mo or Sari.

Ibrahim’s injury, which was to be sold to make money, has been stabilized Center problem (huge) forward, especially maneuvering and forward double digits. Morata, as you well know, would be an ideal among the viables, as well A favorite of Mourinho and Dybala, he’s kind of an older brother. The two frequently overhear each other. Settlement agreement limits force you to work only “on an equal footing”: Income must equal expenses, including salary. Morata is 22m plus salary, so an effort from Roma is required: sell for 22 (Ibanez, Solbakken, Celik and even Spina, if you must do that) and Mourinho delivers a better-equipped group than the latter. You hate chasing after players the press suggests, so pretend I didn’t tell you and please your manager and coworkers. Sincerely, (not) yours Ivan.

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David Frattisi’s Unsustainable Apology

Good luck to David Frattisi who – I assure – inspires me with a lot of sympathy. I hope he becomes a hero and a key player for the national team. At the same time, I apologize for the excessive and untimely attention we have devoted to him in recent days: we have held him responsible, filling the pages – front and inside – with him. As if it was De Bruyne or Modric. The player has excellent potential, a big foot, is quick and has excellent insertion times, but has suffered irritating and insane media coverage due to lack of news, club deficits, being stranded by howling budgets, and a general ‘bloody’ tendency to turn talented youngsters with a few games in their legs as dedicated champions. . Davide Frattisi is Parilla’s hypothesis. Our major clubs competed for it with different odds and capabilities, as thirty million represents the budget for the season. The blame for this sugary campaign rests solely with us, the media: we have the need, not the duty, to turn good guys into idols even before we have idol characters. David is a good man, with his head on his shoulders. You keep it and it will go on. While we will continue to lose it: we are irreplaceable.

note. Not to mention the news coverage reserved for Cristiano Giuntoli, “just” an excellent sporting director. At one point she suspected that he was not born in Florence but in Bethlehem.

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