Empoli Torino 1-3, Juric: “Only penalties and the Reds. Pellegri is given up”

Empoli Torino 1-3, Juric: “Only penalties and the Reds. Pellegri is given up”

The bomb coach’s statements at the end of the match are valid for the 35th day of the Italian League

At the end of Empoli – Turin, the match is valid for the 35th round of the First Division, IVAN jurisprudence I spoke to DAZN mics for comment on the match with the following statements: “I think the team did the first half hour very well, as there was only a winning claw. After the match it was like that. We conceded an avoidable goal and there were penalties that seemed to me to be both, even the sending off. For us it’s a great victory, It’s the sixth result in a row that’s useful and that’s okay. Now we have 3 more results and we want to put in good performances.”

You are also getting better at ball possession, you are more and more in control of the game.

“We are working on dominance more than before. Today we did some things wrong and we could have done better.”

Today is the sixth win in a row, is there anything good coming next season?

“Now I’m thinking about this season, next season is very far away. We need to think about these three games and continue like this in that spirit and get good results.”

Today he gave space to Pleagri, how would you rate it?

“I’m still on the idea that he has great potential but in recent years he has been abandoned in terms of work and being on the field. Today he has done well at times but he can do better. Pinamonti comes to mind and is now more mature than a year ago, and he has to Pellegri should follow a similar path: work hard and keep growing.”

“He’s our captain, he went in and scored two plus three penalties in the match. Well, we know what he means for Torino.”

“Well, I am very happy with this guy because he questioned himself to come here, he plays different football and today he entered well even though he had some problems these days. He plays football very well and he just should think about growing.”

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