Know how to connect science and health

Know how to connect science and health

from Vittorio GalleseNeuroscientist, professor of psychology, and one of the discoverers of mirror neurons, A Roberta Villaa science celebrity with long experience who made her own sound health information banner during the pandemic, trans Victor Lingardione of the most reliable professor of psychiatry, psychoanalyst, essayist, journalist and radio and television presenter Silvia Bencivili And many other things.

Exceptional faculty on top of the third edition of I am master level in science communication www.mastercose.unipr.itthe entire e-learning study courseParma University. In fact, the lessons will be conducted 100% in between University professors, journalists, reporters, publishers, experts, and distinguished professionals in the field of science communication. >> teachers

Registrations will be open From September 5 to October 27, 2023 And I’m alone 70 seats are available From those who want to learn and learn from leading science and health communicators. >> Announcement

Born in Department of Medicine and Surgery But strong between disciplinesCOSE Master under the supervision of Susanna EspositoPietro Barella, Professor of General and Specialist Pediatrics, Director of the Faculty of Pediatrics and the Pediatric Clinic at the University Hospital Parma. The course aims to Training future transmitters and publishers of sciencebut also Scientists and clinicians who want to understand how we communicateAnd Anyone who wants to learn the basics of good science communication.

the goal The Master is to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to become professionals capable of directing communication strategies and processes related to scientific and health issues, and able to manage the complexity of the communication world by exploiting interdisciplinary knowledge.

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Among the various innovations, compared to the previous two editions of the Master, a week of lessons will be devoted to Food and Nutrition CommunicationsSubject relevance and topic.

The master’s program offers a course for 1500 hours Which includes online lessons, in synchronous and asynchronous mode, individual study, internship or research project, paper and final issues 63 university training units. Anyone with one can join Bachelor’s, Master’s or Old System in any field.

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