Napoli: Gabry Vega in, Zielinski out. It was over, he said goodbye to the Pole after several hesitations | first page

Napoli: Gabry Vega in, Zielinski out.  It was over, he said goodbye to the Pole after several hesitations |  first page

the Naples The relay prepares in the midfield with a goal Give Rudy Garcia a new pawn to be taken into account in their first league outing against Frosinone, scheduled for Saturday 19th August at 6.30pm. The Azzurri will open the 2023/24 season and they will do so as champions, but above all They can do that for the first time since the 2016/17 tournament without Piotr Zielinski. The Polish midfielder, after seven seasons, is Ready to say goodbye to Naples To accept Saudi temptations e Make room for Gabri Vegaabout to move to Garcia Court.

Towards Al-Ahly – The love story between the man who for years was the surveyor of the district of Naples and the city that welcomed him on his departure from Empoli seems to have come to an end. A love that Zielinski is preparing to part with with difficulty, given Several rejected Arab offers Arrived in recent weeks, always followed by a New and renewed progress. to come forward Al-Ahlyteam has Already found the scene with Naples As for the deal, so much so that last August 11 – at the end of the Castel di Sangro retreat – it was for the player All comrades are already welcomedgoing between pats on the back and hugs that taste like goodbyes.

ZIELU, A Tormented Goodbye – Everything pushes towards goodbyeNapoli is ready to sell it, Al-Ahly is ready to buy it. There is talk of the player’s indecision, who for family reasons also had to think about the right path to take. What connects it to Piazza Naples means so much it is hard to leave without looking back. What is certain is that to pass through the Arabian Peninsula Everything is ready, and now it’s up to the one who made his difficult decision in the last few hours.

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HERE COME VEIGA – On the other hand, Rudi Garcia plans the future of Napoli. The most popular road in the market leads to Gabriel Vegaa midfielder, born in 2002, owned by Sylt Viejo which De Laurentiis had been targeting for several days. Celt requires buyers to pay 40 million For the Spanish player, an equivalent number condition of the boy’s release. He’s gone to Naples 35 million And the impression is that the club owns the card Can accept going down to 35and only one entry The percentage of the player’s future resale.

close smoke – Gabri Veiga is therefore approaching Naples, with the final days before the start of the tournament, and is likely to mark a turning point in the negotiations. The agreement is one step away And then Veiga will be able to land in Italy. to facilitate negotiation Excellent relations between the two clubswhich they had already concluded three years earlier Lobotka operationHe arrived directly from Celta Vigo. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s also there as a mediator Rafael Benitezformer coach of Napoli E The current coach of Celta. His relations with De Laurentiis are excellent – and despite his desire to keep Veiga with him – he knows it Naples is the place to boost it. The player’s will is clear and ready for him Contract 1.8 million per season.

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