Brazilian F1 GP, Bottas wins sprint race and takes pole position ahead of Verstappen and Sainz-

It’s not over, it’s not over. The cry of those who never give up, even when the world collapses on them. In Cena land, Lewis Hamilton drives like a Magician: Fifteen overtakes in 24 laps of the Sprint Race that sets the starting order for Sunday’s real Grand Prix (6pm, sky) from last to fifth. A hundred kilometers as an alien, it probably won’t be useless to beat the eighth title, because today he’ll have to rebuild everything from the tenth chest again, It was demoted to install a new engine. Max Verstappen has expanded his two-point lead (now at +21) behind winner – and Pullman – Valtteri Bottas and ahead of the superb Carlos Sainz who fired Ferrari in the second row while Charles Leclerc is making a massive effort to finish seventh (but secured a spot at the start thanks to Hamilton). ). However, the Dutchman did not expect much resistance from his opponent. after disqualification who deleted it Fastest time Lewis scored in qualifying on Friday And his removal to the Mazbein and Latifi groups, which came about a day after the investigation was opened, is a blow.

Huge cracks appear in the champion team: Lewis’ car has been announced Irregular due to a glitch in the doctors’ system that was discovered during the tests on Friday. The commission of commissioners (also made up of Italians Vitantonio Liuzzi and Matteo Perini) confirmed through four tests that the hatch opening of the Mercedes Hamilton was above the permissible limits of 85 mm. Red Bull, putting relentless pressure on the Federation to ramp up the controls, the suspected competitors were using an aerodynamic stunt to increase speed on the forehand.

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The thesis did not find confirmation in the judgment of the sports judges, who recognized the Toto Wolff team for extenuating circumstances, but Christian Horner still achieved his goal. Differences in drs measurements may be due to an assembly error, or due to manufacturing defects of some items. In fact, only part of the flank was found to be irregular, and the violation was classified as an isolated and irregular episode, also because previous examinations were normal. In short, there was no malice, otherwise the punishments would have been much more severe. But the ugly character remains, which is what Hamilton called for his remedy. Engines fly, poisons, and even hands are very ordinary.

He risked the great Verstappen, who was named from a fan’s video shot, when he went into the enclosed park on Friday to check out the rear wing of the #44 Mercedes after checking out a Red Bull, a practice common among drivers albeit banned but not even penalized. yesterday.

Verstappen and plane 13 million (bought by Branson): 12 seats, bedroom, bar, and two guest pilots
Greetings from Holland

He also ended up under investigation and was acquitted by paying a €50,000 fine, a small change for someone who earns 26 million a year. From inspections of onboard cameras in four cars (including his own) and closed-circuit shootings in the pit lane, the stewards called the gesture irrelevant. But nothing in this great tournament

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