“De Sciglio is there, Bonucci ko. Vlahovic in Florence? The war is elsewhere”

“De Sciglio is there, Bonucci ko. Vlahovic in Florence? The war is elsewhere”

Turin – “injuries? I’m not worriedBecause a lot of it hurts. Thursday Dybala and Bernardeschi will be available on Sunday, and Alex Sandro is still available for 10 days. We hope that Zacharias is available for Villarreal, Chiellini is still abroadOn the eve of the Fiorentina-Juventus match, the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-finals, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke at the press conference: “Let’s see what I have available then I have 3/4 players ready to play. It’s a good test for us, it’s always good to play in Florence. It’s a pass that is played over two games, and the away goal is important, so it will be important to do that“.

Fiorentina-Juventus and Allegri on Vlahovic: “He played a lot…”

Vlahovic’s argument is deterministicthe great precursor to the challenge: “For the intellect and culture of Florence fans, tomorrow night should be a ball evening. Vlahovic was and always will be grateful to Florence and Fiorentina. The disturbing things are not football matches, other things like war are now in place. Fiorentina has a good coach who gave him an aggressive and beautiful match, while Juventus wants to reach the final. It will be a beautiful sporting evening. Vlahovic Outside? I still have to decide and evaluate, because he has played so many games in a row. Tomorrow we see. At the moment, the team is also confident, they are calmer and know that the target has been found. Vlahovic has characteristics that Morata and Kane don’t, so all three can play together. Doosan is calm and peaceful. Then he’s 22, he goes back to an environment he grew up in and it’s normal to have feelings. It will be a special match for him, he must remain calm or else he will not play against Fiorentina again. These are the steps to be taken in order for the player to mature. It gave the team serenity: When you have a player with these characteristics, the team is calmer because they find the target. We’ve also done well in the previous months, laying the foundations. However, we are met with some goals that could have been avoided: when we take the lead and everything seems to be fine, we relax a little. We have to get back to normal. With Villarreal, Torino and Empoli we had the same goals: not realizing fear means losing the goal. Attention must be reactivated immediately, because from now until the end of the tournament, scoring some goals means reaching the top four.“.

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Allegri: Worrying about the war, not Fiorentina and Juventus

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