February 8, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Juventus from Chiesa to Locatelli and McKinney: when will they return?

Meanwhile I long-term patients They are busy trying to to anticipate recovery times as much as possible. Federico a church and Manuel Locatelli These days they train with Keep goingAs evidenced by the photos they post on social media. L ‘strikerperformed on the ligature, now aims to return the hero of the story there next one season while the Midfielder (Recovering from a Grade I injury to the MCL of the right knee) Suffers an injury Run Over time to get back on track by the end championship. “Focused and determined on new goals to the end.”tweeted the ex-Niroverde still hoping for it, despite Massimiliano Allegri’s lack of optimism (“I don’t know if Manuel will be back in time, he’s definitely late”).

Makeni’s Return

Weston makinias well as entering bicycle (As seen on social media), A . resumed Curchiari. The Livorno coach is more optimistic about his condition. Also worth noting Cayo JorgeVery unfortunate: due to a patellar tendon rupture, he will remain out of the tournament until the next tournament.

McKinney, afternoon riding a bike with a chef

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McKinney, afternoon riding a bike with a chef

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