Napoli and Suviero vs goalkeeping coach: “He’s there out of friendship, he’s never played”

Napoli and Suviero vs goalkeeping coach: “He’s there out of friendship, he’s never played”

Salvatore Suviero criticizes those who coach the extreme defenders who are part of the club’s blue squad.

Former extreme defender Salvatore Soviero He did not spare criticism Alejandro RosalynNapoli’s goalkeeper coach speaking via microphone Mars Radio: There are people who train Napoli’s goalkeepers out of friendship, even though they have never played football. I didn’t know him, and when I saw how he coached goalkeepers in the training camp, I said: This guy never plays, because he corrects things and doesn’t look at other microscopic things. I looked online and you were right: What did he do before coach? In my opinion, anyone who has never been a goalkeeper cannot coach goalkeepers. “Napoli needs people with a wealth of first-hand experience: Coverciano doesn’t give it to you with his votes.”

Rosalyn himself, a few years ago, in front of microphones Radio Bruno He recounted the beginnings of his career as a coach: “I played as a goalkeeper, but I had many physical problems with my knees. So I started working as a coach when I was 24, to get to the top, where I couldn’t reach as a player. I started with a team from the fourth division in my city, Spain.” “I started studying, got my master’s degree and got my license. From there I went to Valencia and started working with them. I knew them because I played in Valencia. After that, I went to Hungary, where I started creating my own style. I worked there with Souza for six months, and then he left “I stayed until the end of the tournament.”

In Italy, the Iberian coach arrived in 2013, where he moved to Fiorentina, where he remained until 2021, the year he moved to Napoli.

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