Mkhitaryan, Inter hits a bullet. And now the countdown to Dybala

Mkhitaryan, Inter hits a bullet.  And now the countdown to Dybala

Inzaghi, who has already spoken with the Armenian, will have a team with a very good footing. Rewards for Vidal and Sanchez, who freed Goya’s access

About five thousand Armenians live and work in Italy. Of these, the majority – about 800 – are in Milan. That’s it, from yesterday 801. Or rather, from the middle of next week, when Henrikh Mkhitaryan will arrive in the city for medical examinations with his new team, Inter. Everything was done, even Jose Mourinho was unable at the last moment to change a deal that had already taken a specific direction. Mickey kept his word with Inter.

Simone Inzaghi also thanked him for this, with whom he had already spoken on the phone. Mkhitaryan chose Inter for the chance to play in the Champions League, a legitimate ambition of the player over 33 years old. The 4.5 million that the Nerazzurri offered for the two-year contract is gross, not net. This means that, also given the incentives in the growth decree, the midfielder will have a steady base of 3.3 million net worth, but with easy access to bonuses, he could exceed 4 million. In Rome, through a phone call yesterday afternoon, he told him that he would not accept renewal from 3.6 net (and the bonuses that would have brought him up to 4.2). Mkhitaryan is also the real start of the club’s transfer campaign. This isn’t the first shot in chronological order – the Onana was completed last winter – but it can be said that in all respects, the Nerazzurri summer begins here.

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waiting for paulo

Another access to a free transfer. Not the last. Onana calls Mkhitaryan, Mkhitaryan calls Dybala. Patience is required, and the final stress is not forthcoming. But if the similarity is correct in terms of sensations, Inter in the Argentine feel certain that they have taken exactly the right steps as they have done in recent days with Mkhitaryan. There was a handshake, an agreement on times that they should both respect. Dybala knows that Inter will have to get rid of at least a number of heavy clashes – Vidal and Sanchez – while Inter knows that sooner or later it will be necessary to go to the checkers. The point is that the Nerazzurri are struggling a bit to put the two Chilean teams in place. Vidal has been talking for weeks with Flamengo, the favorite destination despite the inclusion of Al Rayyan. Inter owes him 4 million severance payments, it is difficult for the two parties to meet. Rewards will likely become a keyword for Sanchez, too. Sevilla called the Chilean, but the signature is a problem for anyone who expresses interest. And most likely even here Zhang will have to “stimulate” the exit, only to free a square: between simple saving and zero saving, the first method is always preferable. The defense will change its face and the name given by Inzaghi and the managers is Bremer from Turin. We need an economical joint that is not easy to find. Then it’s time to get out, that’s it. From Bastoni to Pinamonti, passing through De Vrij: Inter can only face zero transactions. Even if they helped, sure. Mkhitaryan is here for that.

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