“Milan is the only team that succeeded in bringing down Napoli in all respects”

“Milan is the only team that succeeded in bringing down Napoli in all respects”

we are here. At San Siro everything is ready for the Italian derby in Europe. To talk about the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals between Milan and Napoli, TMW extension Exclusively contacted Robert Sosaformer Azzurri striker from 2004 to 2008. Pampa began his analysis with Spalletti’s problems in attack, who tonight will have to drop Osimhen and Simeone and will have to rely on Raspadori who is not 100% fit: “Unfortunately, we need to start from data from reality, or “Rather from the problems ahead and the absence of Osimhene and Simeone. However, a challenge like tonight’s challenge goes beyond singles, it is based on motivation. Osimhen today is one of the top 5 strikers in the world, but everything will depend on how he gets on the field.”

Elmas or Kvaratskhelia in the role of the false nine are two possibilities. convinced?
“These are solutions never seen before… perhaps only Kvaratskhelia is more central for a few minutes with Lecce. It is an unknown factor for Spalletti, but I repeat: the motivations in some matches go beyond the influence of individual players and their field positions.”

Will Maradona’s 4-0 impact on the minds of the Spalletti players, positive or negative?
“Milan is the only team that managed to bring down Napoli in all respects: tactically, physically, in terms of play and motivation. The defeat came with Inter but it could have been a draw, and Lazio Napoli were inferior tactically. Cremonese.In a sense, Milan did what Napoli did for the entire tournament to Maradona.However, I think that such a collapse can also be positive, because sometimes fear can push you to pay attention and be more awake.Today, however, it will not count for much, and today it will be something Completely different…”.

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The audacious Theo Hernandez said Milan can win the Champions League…
“All four teams on this side of the draw can reach the final, so… the draw was benevolent, and it is legitimate to dream about it. If Theo says it, Inzaghi and Schmidt can say it too, just as Kvaratskhelia can say it, for example. “.

But haven’t Napoli looked a little down the last few days?
“At the beginning of the year, no one expected them to be here… Napoli were the only ones who lasted from the start of the season until mid-April. That means, in my opinion, you can’t just analyze the last two. Matches, you have to evaluate the whole process so you can issue to rule “.

Tactically, Bennacer’s position changed the balance in the championship race.
“More than anything else, I was surprised by Brahim Diaz’s wider position on the right, and between Nacer not much taller. When there is Tonali and another line player, Bennacer tends to get up, and Tonali himself plays better. In my opinion, this is the best Milan and that’s what I expect him tonight. I repeat, I was surprised by the wide and clear Brahim Diaz, also from the surprise of Napoli.

Roberto Sosa’s conversion pass percentages are…?
“It is difficult to find favourites. All four on this side of the draw could reach the final, on the other side it was more difficult. The proportions are the same for all of them, fortunately all Italians will be able to compete to reach the final.”

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