Lukaku arrived in Rome to the cheers of 5,000 Ciampino fans. Friedkin backing vocals as well. Now medical visits

Lukaku arrived in Rome to the cheers of 5,000 Ciampino fans.  Friedkin backing vocals as well.  Now medical visits

medical visits

Romelu Lukaku left Ciampino Airport a few minutes after landing and is now heading to Villa Stewart where he will immediately undergo the usual pre-contract medicals with Roma.

Backing vocals by Friedkin

“One boss, there is only one boss.” This is one of the chants given by the Roma fans in Ciampino dedicated to Dan Friedkin at the moment when the Giallorossi president got off the plane, which he piloted, in which Romelu Lukaku was traveling, which was a huge success in the Roma transfer market. The president responded with a smile.

Lukaku left Ciampino

The first roar of Ciampino’s 5,000 fans came as the plane touched down, and the second, even louder, came when Romelu Lukaku introduced himself to his newfound fans. The Belgian striker landed in the capital at 17.40 and it was Dan Friedkin who brought him to the city, on his private plane, as the rest of the management were also present on board (Vice-President Ryan Friedkin, General Manager Thiago Pinto and CEO Lena Soloko).

As soon as he got off the plane, the Belgian forward greeted the fans, particularly the handicapped boys positioned between the press cordon and the runway, then the Belgian left the airport in the club cars. Now the medical visits and tomorrow the visit to Trigoria to sign the contract that will obligate him to move to Roma for the 2023-24 season. Big Rom arrives in yellow and red with the onerous loan of 6 million plus 2 bonus and will receive 7 million.

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crowd enthusiasm

Emotions rise outside Ciampino airport. Continuous cheers for Lukaku, a roar greeted him after he descended the stairs of the plane. Friedkins backing vocals, too. The Belgian striker greeted the crowd by raising his arm and drawing some smiles at the photographers.

Lukaku has arrived at Ciampino

Dan Friedkin’s private plane, piloted by the president of Rome himself, with Romelu Lukaku on board, landed in Ciampino. Once the maneuver is completed, the aircraft, a Gulfstream G650, is about to reach its designated parking area in the airport’s general aviation area. Here, waiting, 4 Toyota, Lexus and Mercedes SUVs, a van and a spare car are already ready for the Belgian striker, known as “Big Room”, and the Giallorossi management.

Ciampino, 3,000 fans are waiting for the Belgian striker

About 18, an hour behind schedule, expected arrival Romelu Lukaku in Ciampino. But already as of three o’clock in the afternoon, the Giallorossi fans began to invade the airport, which was armored for the occasion. Police trucks, security forces and stewards were stationed between the stand and the fan area to maintain order as the number of fans grew minute by minute (airport parking was also sold out).

More than 3,000 Romanian fans arrived near the private gate hangar awaiting the Belgian striker, who left Brussels at 4pm on Friedkins’ private jet, flown by the Giallorossi president. A yellow and red tide awaits him in the capital among flags, choirs (many of them, as well as Lukaku’s, for the property), smoke bombs and banners. When the Big Rom goes down, there will be a stand in front of their new fans, placed behind a cordon of barriers for reasons of public order.

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The plane departed from Brussels

The plane took off from Brussels towards Rome. Lukaku is on board. Meanwhile, the number of fans in Ciampino reached two thousand.

Ciampino, at least a thousand fans are waiting

The number of fans present at Ciampino Airport is increasing: according to the latest estimates, there are more than a thousand.

Friedkin’s plane landing in Brussels

Friedkins’ plane lands in Brussels where Lukaku is to be picked up. It is the most followed aircraft in the world on Flightradar (over 6,000 people). Meanwhile, 300 people have already arrived in Ciampino. The ordering service has set up an area where fans will be gathered.

Friedkin’s plane left London

The plane, piloted by Dan Friedkin, left London to arrive in Brussels, where Lukaku is waiting to depart for Rome.

Medical examinations and signing of the contract

Medical examinations and contract signing are scheduled for tomorrow, while the show will take place at the Olympico on Friday. Mourinho He is eagerly awaited, and this will be the third time that he has coached him in his career: the first was at Chelsea in the 2013-2014 season, but in only four matches; And the second for Manchester United in a season in which Big Room scored 27 goals in 51 matches.

Safety plan ready in Ciampino

The wait is long and many are waiting for the date of its landing in the capital, and on the flight tracking sites, fans are waiting for the takeoff of the President’s Gulfstream plane, which will first stop in Brussels and then head to the capital. Ciampino airport is armored, and the regime forces have organized a tight security service to allow Roma cars to bring the players and take them to Trigoria.

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Mural in Monti

Meanwhile, Lukaku’s obsession runs rampant in the city: a mural in his honor (via Del Capucci) has been designed in the Monti district, while on social networks there is nothing but talk of something else.

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