Naples, Spalletti revives the Scudetto and prepares De Laurentiis

Naples, Spalletti revives the Scudetto and prepares De Laurentiis

cooperate with Draw at home with RomaNapoli, even if he’s not an athlete from the tournament. A severe blow to Luciano Spalletti who was hoping to be able to fight for the flag to the end. The tension led to an explosion where he was The shepherd Aurelio de Laurentiis was also brought up.

Naples, goodbye Scudetto dream

distance Defeat in Maradona with Fiorentina, Rome also stopped Naples. Two steps prevented Luciano Spalletti’s team from staying in the wake of the Milan-Inter duo, and thus, Give up the dream of getting a Scudetto.

A severe blow to the blue environment. It never seemed like we could think big. The Many home defeats (five) And the many goals the defense collected in the last period (a total of 27 goals, the team no longer has the best defense) made Napoli slow down a lot, now at -4 from leaders Milan and -2 from Inter (but with a game to recover). In the last two versions, it was a file Napoli lost five points from Inter And three from Milan. A roadmap that does not deserve the championship.

Naples, Spalletti spree

In a post match match with rome By Jose Mourinho Luciano Spalletti tried to keep his focus high in light of the upcoming tournament matches, but the tension over the many missed opportunity became clear: “You take on the responsibilities that you bear.This is the level we must accept. We don’t have to make any choices, we have to play to win matches. It’s not the percentages we have left, we just have to win 100% of the races we have left.”

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Naples, the weary presence of De Laurentiis

Luciano Spalletti, once again, was criticized for the changes made against Rome (men and timing). blue coach, After Jose Mourinho “organised”replied in a dry manner, also speaking of the patron Aurelio De Laurentiis: “At the end of the year Go to De Laurentiis and tell him that Spalletti makes a mistake with the changes‘, the first push for the Napoli coach who then added: ‘De Laurentiis always complains about me because I replaced too late or because I replaced who shouldn’t be. With changes everyone sees what he wants“.

In short, the presence of Aurelio De Laurentiis is still somewhat cumbersome in “team affairs”. This is not the first time that a coach has highlighted how the Napoli president tends to give his opinion On managing the team. Brings complex things to mind Relationships between Rino Gattuso and Aurelio De Laurentiis himself. Now it’s Luciano Spalletti’s turn.


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