Milan – Juventus, the challenge continues: a crazy coup against free transfers | Whoever takes it gets a deal

Milan – Juventus, the challenge continues: a crazy coup against free transfers |  Whoever takes it gets a deal

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri (left) during the Italian League match against Milan. October 22, 2023 (© AnsaFoto)

The big match at the San Siro continues off the field: both have their eyes on the same player.

The first episode of the season, perhaps of the entire Allegri-bis. Juventus’ victory at San Siro represents the most important development on the ninth day of the tournament. After four defeats and a draw, Manuel Locatelli’s right-footed shot from outside the area brought the Bianconeri back to success against Milan, after a five-match drought (one draw and four defeats).

The match was anything but spectacular, and its outcome was decided not by Krunic’s deflection, but by Kane’s exceptional play which saw Thiao sent off after just 40 minutes. From that moment on, of course, the stalemate changed.

In the final minutes, Allegri screamed and took off his clothes, but in reality, his team gave no chance to the Rossoneri, who are now just one point away from the standings.

The Tuscan coach insists that the goal remains to qualify for the Champions League, not the Scudetto. Whether it’s tactical up front or you really mean it, the right thing matters. But what matters is that for the first time in the last three years, the Bianconeri are in touch at the top. A step forward for sure, despite the recent physical condition of the duo Vlahovic and Chiesa and the unscheduled absence of Fagioli and Pogba.

A common goal

After fighting at the Meazza and waiting to see if they will fight for the same goals between now and the end of the season, Milan and Juventus started a different kind of matchwhich leads to Piotr Zielinski.

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Midfielder His contract expires in June At the moment, he has always expressed his desire to continue with Napoli. But the renewal has not yet arrived and there are no plans for negotiations: Either accept the offer that De Laurentiis has already made in August or it will be goodbye.

Napoli player Piotr Zielinski (center) during an Italian League match against Sassuolo. August 27, 2023 (© AnsaFoto)

Today yes, tomorrow no

Indeed during the summer market session, The Pole rejected a rich offer from Saudi Arabia Just staying in blue, a decision supported by the family that has always felt comfortable in Naples.

However, if an agreement is not reached to continue together, the scenarios may change. During the process of a Mars RadioJournalist Mimmo Malfitano He expressed himself this way: “I think if a good offer arrives he will accept it, at least in Italy. In the Arabian Peninsula the situation will probably change. Any offers from Inter, Juventus or Milan would be accepted easily, in my opinion».

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