March 23, 2023

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“He is a generous guy, he plays with the team. He waits before speaking Italian for a reason.”

while broadcasting Grid swellsbroadcast on frequencies Radio MarsIntervenedVictor Osimhen’s agent Roberto Calenda.

The Nigerian striker decided yesterday’s match against Verona With Gun And many of the praise he’s receiving today, after some criticism that may have been too much in recent weeks.

Photo: Getty Images – Victor Osimhen

Agent Osimene: “Victor wants to speak good Italian”

Below is what has been reported by us editorial board:

Criticize Osimhen? Judgments are often made without thinking. Victor proves what he is as a player very generous man Playing for the team. More support yesterday? Every match is a story in itself, it must also be said that Napoli was Injuries decimated him Which forced Spalletti to make different choices. Yesterday’s victory was remarkable: it is not at all easy to beat Verona. Want to win the victory? And the very generous, never stops. Where he can go takes a step forward. He still has a file ability to express, said Spalletti. I hope it doesn’t stop him anymore injuries.

Shoulder kick? After a second he was already running as before, taking a lot. The level of the rulers is very high, but there is probably a little clarity. Even those related to Victor Against Milan it was a sacred penalty. In other games, the bug was punished with yellow or red. Italian? He’s working on itRight now, he’s ordering us to eat. to me interviews in Italian Waiting to speak properly“.

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