Bassetti Inner Mask: A Duty Out of Time and Science

Bassetti Inner Mask: A Duty Out of Time and Science

“The mask should go from being an obligation to a device that is used appropriately when needed. Otherwise it is a procedure of the day out of time and science. The task of the Ministry of Health is not to force people to use a protective device indoors but to use it in the best way. This should be the goal of the modern Ministry of Health that Be on the side of the citizens. This refers to the Adnkronos Salute Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic at the San Martino dispensary in Genoa, speaking on the issue of the obligation to wear masks indoors, a measure that should be discussed in the cabinet of the Queen of Government to assess their disposal from May 1. “I’m sorry – notes Bassetti – that Minister Speranza only listens to some experts who tell him to do as he pleases”

“Continuing the policy of commitments in 2022, in the face of a different situation compared to 2020 and 2021, means an outdated logic that is closer to totalitarian regimes than to European democracies – and he adds – since today, Biden canceled commitments in the United States and many European countries did That, when we are in Italy last time, there is a lot of ideology and politics that do no good to anyone.” According to the infectious disease specialist: “It is not about saying that starting tomorrow the mask will be removed, but rather raising the obligation to keep it for some positions and topics. This is what a modern country is doing.”

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