Naples, Giuntoli: “Offered 6 million per season at Coulibaly”

Naples, Giuntoli: “Offered 6 million per season at Coulibaly”

Of Dimaro’s retirement, the sporting director clarified that a five-year term is ready for the defender (plus a future as a coach): “Dybala? Unattainable”

It goes straight to the point where it doesn’t have much to boot. Talking about the market. And from Coulibaly first and foremost, but also to Fabian Ruiz, Mertens and the others. “At Caledo we fitted a very big captain’s armband, Lorenzo wouldn’t have suited him,” says Luciano Spalletti. “If you talk to him…it might be.”

The coach does not talk about chaining himself, because sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli clarified a news that has emerged in these days: “For Koulibaly, no official offer has arrived. It is too much for us, as a club, as a team.” And as an environment. Almost every day with him. The president offered him 6 million net for five years, an indispensable proposal, and then offered him a position as a manager at the club. A great sacrifice for the company. This year we are back with cuts to sustainability that are a guarantee for the fans for the future. Confirmation of the very high numbers in the current crisis means that they have a double value. The player took the time to think about it. We are waiting for that.”

Fabian and Mertens

The coach explains his speech as a whole to everyone who is “in the balance”: “If they are calm and enthusiastic, then Napoli will be able to play important matches, as in the last tournament. Obviously the club makes important. Contractual proposals, our will is that however, given the difficulties in Football, I can’t be as harsh as some of my teammates with their clubs, and in any case, there are many rumors circulating around the transfer market where there are strong players. Not where there are fixed positions and we don’t want to be like that.” Giuntoli specifically explains: “Fabian loves the city. We’re talking to his agency, he hasn’t been offered an offer yet. He’s looking around. He’ll take one to go away, and we’ll stay together if conditions are right. To carry on. Because we don’t want to sell anyone and we’re happy.” With our players. The President speaks directly to Mertens: He made an offer of 5 million gross, 2.5 net worth, which he was not accepted. At the moment the situation is that I can’t tell you more because that has been a strong direct relationship between De Laurentiis and Dries for years” . This revives the hopes of those fans who still want to score the goal of top scorer Ciro in the blue.

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no dybala

Giuntoli also explains the club’s transfer strategy: “We think Dybala is out of reach. We never thought about it. There is an agreement on Meret to extend it and it will be formalized soon. We love our players. – Transferable. We are waiting. The right opportunity for another goalkeeper. To join Merit. Sirigu could be one of the alternatives. Then we look for a central quarter that meets the coach’s needs. Politano? No official offer. We don’t. I don’t want to sell it. Offers that can be evaluated. Then we will act accordingly. Deulofeu? One The players we have been informed of. At the moment there are no negotiations, the staff is fine. I take this opportunity to thank all the expired players who have left us. From Ospina – who chose a cheaper path than the technical one for his future – to Malcuit, Ghoulam who has done so much for this club. Especially Lorenzo Insigne. Also to Mertens, for now…”. He then adds to Osimhen: “Everyone knows we have high expectations from him. There have been numerous phone calls for information but everyone knows that in order to move him away from Naples we need very important offers that have not arrived. We are betting a lot on him.”

See the technician

Spalletti looks forward with confidence: “Just thinking about the Champions League replay makes me wake up with a smile every morning. I thank Insigne for the contribution he made to get into this event, with others. Now we are training hard to be able to. To start strong, as we did in the year The past. I can assure the fans my maximum commitment and that of the boys. Then we’ll see what we can aim for along the way. But we’ll raise the bar ourselves anyway. We’ll see if we have players of a certain level, in the Champions League you need a character to be able to compare yourself to the great Europeans.” Then about the bachelors: “Merritt is saddled with a mistake that many made at the time. Who said he’s not good with his feet? He’s training to get better, but he’s very reliable, because for years he’s been back home. Team. But there’s no safe place. At this level, with Many international commitments No one in the other cup-making clubs has a guaranteed place for all matches Two good goalkeepers are needed Kvaratskhelia and Oliveira arrived with great motivation to show their qualities We stopped the full-back a little bit so as not to endanger him after the injury Physical examinations show that Kfara It needs a lot of training. They are young and it will take time. We also left you Zerbin. And then Politano and Lozano who did really well. There should be a need for more high balls for Osimhen’s head who has tremendous qualities and I hope he continues to improve. He has to learn something about the timing of the movements. And we have to take advantage of more. ù His great head qualities, in fact.” Then again about Zielinski: “I also think I’ll put him back a little bit to get more space up front and express himself better. It will depend on how we play, on how the market develops. If someone leaves.”

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hello calzone

Finally about the coaching staff: “We salute and thank Francesco Calzona, who will be coach of Slovakia. It is true that he has the ambition to achieve an important role, thanks for what Salvatore Sassa Rosso gave us. In his place, he was my captain when I was coach of Ancona. He also played on the bench as a player with Maradona On the pitch. While Baldini is back with us. So we are fully booked.”

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