Xiaomi: Download the latest version of all MIUI apps | Download

Xiaomi: Download the latest version of all MIUI apps |  Download

Like any self-respecting proprietary interface, the MIUI From xiaomi It draws its power from the system applications that enrich smartphones. Compared to the stock Android experience, Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that dedicates the software experience they offer to their community. Whether we are talking about the camera and gallery, browser, weather or the launcher itself, these apps are updated almost daily. And when it comes to relevant updates, we talk about them with dedicated articles where we can show you what new features are included.

Precisely for this reason, I decided to create this page, where you can retrieve all the latest updates from MIUI app by Xiaomi. Below is a table with all the relevant apps (except the more technical ones), andLatest version available and near Download Link. In this way, through this page, you will make sure that you have the latest version of the applications on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Last update: July 9

Do you have a Xiaomi smartphone? Download the latest version of all apps

Usually, Xiaomi sends an over-the-air notification to various smartphones indicating that there is a new update for system apps. However, the reason this space is created is that new releases that are not yet public are published online, and often in early time. This is thanks to the Beta software: those using the latest ROMs are able to extract APK files from apps if they have been updated.

However, since these APKs are sometimes in beta and taken from Chinese ROM, it is not 100% certain that it works on any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO smartphone. I obviously have no way of telling you because it is not humanly possible for me to try it on all the smartphones in circulation. If the update does not work, you will necessarily have to wait for it to arrive normally via an OTA update from Xiaomi.

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