June 3, 2023

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Il Fatto Quotidiano – 19.5 million unauthorizable: the agreements between Juventus and CR7 approved by three “papers”

Everyday fact He says he has accessed the now famous “Cristiano Ronaldo Card” and in today’s issue he analyzes its contents, showing how there are actually three “Cards” in question. there The first card It begins like this: “Dear dos Santos Aveiro Cristiano Ronaldo…” and its content starts from the fact that CR7 reduced his salary, in May 2021, by a total of 19.5 million euros. Inside it shows how the player would have obtained two more documents later, specifying that their content would be ‘re-reproduced’ on FA forms indicating a date, ie July. Basically, with the first card, Ronaldo is notified that he will be given two more cards and that everything will be deposited in FIGC in July. The July date is significant, given that doing so in May at the time of signing would have entailed an obligation to report everything on the financial statements. So instead, go to the next.

in The second card There is talk of a possible return to this number, defining it as a “salary integration”, or loyalty bonus, should CR7 continue as a member of Juventus in July. If this condition occurs, Ronaldo will receive installments over the months totaling 19.5 million, those of a salary reduction. What if the Portuguese left instead? This is the place The third card, but the essence does not change: if the bonus on the second card has not matured, he has the right to “receive” an amount “equal” to the bonus itself as an “exit incentive”. In short, whether he stayed or left, the CR7 would have earned €19.5m. Money that he might ask for in the near future. And at this point, how will Juventus calculate this spending?

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