Arrival of confirmation of knowledge

Arrival of confirmation of knowledge

what is yours Favorite color? This is often a question we are asked. In fact, color is one of those visual elements that underlie many personal preferences.

Every day we make choices based on colorful shades Which we are referring to, but it is not certain that there is a close and exclusive relationship between personal preferences and colors. In fact, color preferences may be valid at the collective level more than at the individual level, as shown in a study whose findings were published in scientific report.

How was the search conducted?

The study was carried out by Japanese researchers in collaboration with those from Portugal, who wanted to study the interrelationships between color perceptions and preferences among different peoples of the world.

They got involved several volunteersEspecially 35 people whose paintings were shown. Previously, paintings were presented in their original color version. Then each participant was shown the same paintings in three other colors specially modified.

The study participants belonged to different cultures, because the goal was also to be able to understand the influence of cultural elements, as well as of course the personal aesthetic experience and personality of the people to whom the paintings were shown, both original or modified.

What the experts found

The results of the study were very clear, because this was highlighted in 70% of cases, regardless of cultural context From affiliation, the participants preferred the palette with original colors.

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The most curious fact is that the original colors are preferred even when individuals do not know what specific painting they were viewing.

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Scientists have also tried to disassemble painting In many small pieces and reassembled into different configurations. In this case, 60% of individuals always prefer the original color combination.

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So there will be some Innate biological causes It would unite all individuals around the world, regardless of cultural context, who would prefer a taste similar to the beauty of colours. It is also clear that painters exploit this type of mechanism to be able to dazzle the audience with their artwork.

Indeed, it has been observed that regardless of nationality and culture of reference, and specifically for biological reasons related to color perception, almost all individuals always prefer same shadows.

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