Van Parley won the dismissal of all, then Van Aert and Kong Corriere

Van Parley won the dismissal of all, then Van Aert and Kong Corriere
from Marco Bonnerego

The first Dutchman in the velodrome. Elisa Longo Borghini’s win on Saturday

Certainly not carneade Dylan Van Barleythe 29-year-old Dutchman from Ineos who participated on Sunday Won 119 Paris-Roubaix. In nine seasons as a pro, this long-distance passer has won only five races and certainly hasn’t been to the top, collecting prestigious places in many other races, including Second place in the World Championships in Belgium (2021) and another in the last Flanders TourBehind Van Der Paul.

But now Dylan will go down in history as yet another outsider (the Flemish Terpstra and Van Smarn were more recently) He brought home one of the world’s most famous races, blending a state of excellent form, great experience and tactical acumen And take advantage of cross competitions between the top candidates. I can’t believe it – he said after the finish line – and I didn’t even believe in the track when I saw that I was alone and no one chased me: a surreal situation. we are from Ineos We were so focused on the race, we didn’t want to have a fight from the first kilometres. By the time the attacks began, we were ready even if there were no careful tactical plans other than running hard after the second refuel. All went well.

a Roubaix is ​​sunny and dusty Lived On Long Escape 110 Kilometers From The Moving End By Matej MohoricThe Winner of the last Milan – Sanremo. Just the pursuit of a Mohoric group started by Van Baarle alone 32 kilometers from the finish. Van Aert in very good condition, hampered by punctures and mechanical accidents, Van Der Poel was not in great condition, Jannah (also with two stops due to technical issues) pulled the oars into the boat at one point: his bewilderment toward those who made him among the top candidates this evening.

Only one Italian in the first thirtywilling immigrant Andrea Pasqualon, 19: There was no response from the Blue Boys on the extraordinary achievement of Elisa Longo Borghini on Saturday, One of the most beautiful feats in the history of blue cycling. 34 kilometers to the end, as the lead group resumed runaway Bastianelli, Brand and Kubicki, Elisa re-launched up to 41 inches of advantage and faced alone eight of the 17 divisions of buffincluding the legendary Carrefour de l’Arbre.

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