March 25, 2023

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Brecallo, Fiorentina more than Naples! Di Marzio: “This is what Wolfsburg demands to shut down immediately”

Serie A transfer market – Napoli and Fiorentina ahead of Prikalo and ready to close for purchase from Wolfsburg: the latest from Di Marzio

Naples transport marketAfter work Berezinsky And Golini (reciprocally Zanoli And sirigo With porridge And Florentine), Azzurri tries to put in the last shot for the January market. More than a hit, it’s a potential bargain to be evaluated: the name is Josep Pricalo. But there is not only Napoli, on the contrary: there is a team that is ahead of others at the moment.

Naples Transfer Market, Brecallo near Fiorentina

The latest news about the future Josep Pricalo between Naples And FlorentineHe told them Gianluca DiMarzio In his editorial for Corriere della Sera today on newsstands:

“Brecalo was investigated but then abandoned by Monza, attacked by Fiorentina who then stopped, and then suddenly returned yesterday after the additions of Napoli and Udinese. His contract expires in June and Wolfsburg is now asking for a maximum percentage of resales in the future. Florence called and He waits “.

In short, more Florentine that Naples Unless the dramatic scenarios of the last days of the market break it: The Croatian footballer’s contract is about to expire but he doesn’t want to wait until June. The new team wants as early as January. For this reason, it is not so simple for a Napoli club that already has a long and full squad: even for the question of lists it is not easy to include it without leaving.

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