The oil nightmare arrives: Prices are skyrocketing from November

The oil nightmare arrives: Prices are skyrocketing from November

It’s a constant drain but there’s now a risk of breaking some records in the past: the price fuel Now out of control, gasoline has reached values ​​of up to 2 euros per liter, which was unimaginable only a few months ago.

denounce Codacons

Peak prices are up these days: Kodakun disapproved”A wave of price increases exceeding the psychological threshold of 2 euros per liter at many distributors on the peninsula.The president of the Consumers’ Association, Carlo Renzi, stressed the increases in petrol and diesel that affected all of Italy, from north to south. 2 euros per liter.

More than 400 euros per year

Between expensive bills (electricity, water, gas), the increase From the prices of raw materials we have just dealt with at, the reason for the reversal is due to the unbridled increase in fuels which is the main cause of the bloodshed of Italian families who had to spend an average 430 EUR In addition to the year that will enable you to commute and go to work. “For the long weekend of November 1Renzi continued,A tank full of green or diesel will cost about 20 euros more today than it did in the same period in 2020‘, declared blitzquotidiano. The news is bad: the very high bill is expected to rise in the coming weeks due to the ongoing upward fluctuations in listing prices. Rienzi sees a black future close to the court. “The effects of this situation are likely to be devastating to the pockets of citizens and will have negative repercussions on the purchasing power of consumers and on Christmas consumption.“.

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How much does the country earn?

In this case, the only gain is that of the treasuries: as we wrote on, according to the CGIA (Confederation of Craftsmen and Small Businesses) studies office, with the resumption of movements and the increase in prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG, the treasury will have treasure Which amounts to nearly one billion euros. In fact, the association explains that in the face of the significant rise in crude oil prices that has occurred since the beginning of the year, it has also increased revenues from state coffers, which apply a value-added tax of 22% on the basis of taxable fuels. Then there’s also the production fee, and so there’s double taxation. “Needless to say, the price of petrol, diesel and LPG for cars is not set by the state.‘, confirms the link, as reported ItalPress. “However, the fuel cost increase recorded in 2021 was certainly good for the tax authorities, not at all for motorists’ wallets.How will the Draghi government respond to this bloodshed?

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