All tax deductions for 2022

All tax deductions for 2022

There are deductions that must be made on the 730, which will allow you to save on taxes and dues. Let’s try to clarify the topic, evaluate what discounts can be obtained in the 730 model year 2022.

Is it possible to save on taxes for 2022? One of the most effective ways is definitely listing in Model 730 tax deductions. Given that tax return season is not yet in full swing, due to the fact that details of Irpef’s refund have not been released by the Revenue Agency.

Helping us is the 2022 Form 730 assembly regulation in this regard, which statesTraceability commitment to the 2022 tax cuts. Let’s delve into it.

The new 730: What’s new?


First of all, let’s investigate what it is 730 news for 2022. Undoubtedly one of those Music rewardwhich allows a maximum payment of 1,000 euros for children between 5 and 18 years of age who are registered in:

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  • music schools
  • conservatives.
  • Recognized choirs and ensembles.

The only prerequisite is that inherent in Family income: ISEE should in fact not exceed 36 thousand euros. Another widely used deduction to be included in the 730 is the Architectural Barrier Bonus, for which it is possible to request a tax cut of 110%. Finally, it also includes a mobile bonus, which amounts to 16 thousand euros.

730: What expenses can be spent at 19%?


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Now let’s see a list Expenses that can be charged from the 730 . modelTo restore 19%. The most important are the following:

  • Health costs, only for the amount exceeding the discount of 129 euros;
  • Medical and health costs for people with disabilities;
  • veterinary expenses
  • Expenses for purchasing guide dogs;
  • interest expense on the loan for those who bought the main home or other types of real estate;
  • expenses incurred to pay rent;
  • school fees;
  • Expenses to attend public or private universities;
  • public transport season ticket expenses;
  • expenses incurred for students with an SLD;
  • Personal care expenses for the elderly or people with disabilities;
  • expenses for children’s sports activities;
  • nursery expenses
  • funeral costs;
  • real estate brokerage expenses;
  • rental expenses incurred by university students off-site;
  • Insurance premiums against the risk of not being self-sufficient;
  • Donations to amateur sports clubs and societies;
  • membership contributions to mutual aid societies;
  • Expenses related to contributions paid to recover graduation years for dependent family members;
  • Catastrophe risk insurance premiums.

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