My friends, the tumor completely stunned the dancer: “Chemo bags often …” | desperate situation

My friends, the tumor completely stunned the dancer: “Chemo bags often …” |  desperate situation
Facial disease by Amici-Solospettacolo

One of Amechi’s beloved heroes talks about her grueling battle with cancer. His words are bone-chilling.

the cancer It’s a terrible disease that doesn’t look anyone in the face and it’s devastating to find yourself fighting it. The news of illness confronts us with a terrible truth: the transience of life.

After all, as the great poet wrote Joseph Ungaretti It’s like autumn leaves on the trees.; These verses, which aim to clarify the condition of the soldiers, are adaptable to every person in every moment of his life.

And so when we hear this word, we immediately feel fear, amazement and despair. Many choose to fight right away, others need some time to metabolize it.

Even as outside spectators, we are surprised by this disease. Even when she bumps face to what we know from TV fame. So the story of the girl I was involved in friends to Maria Devilipi His fans receive him with great engagement. Let’s find out who he is and what happened.

Friends: The Battle Against Cancer

Share the person we’re talking about friends to Maria Devilipi During the sixth cycle in 2007. Two years ago, she announced that she liked it blood cancer And I discovered it quite by accident. he said to her Diva and the woman As he explained during the interview: “In November, a few months after my marriage, I passed out at home. I developed excessive blood loss from my gums and when I did the dentist told me to take a blood count, but I don’t even have time because they took me to the hospital where I arrived with very few platelets.” The diagnosis speaks of acute myeloid leukemia, within 15 days there is a risk of cerebral hemorrhage.

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A terrible diagnosis befell her in 2019, just married to her Carmelo DeLuca Who has a daughter who is now about 6 years old. But how are you today and who is it?

Agata Reale and Carmelo before Solospettacolo’s wedding

Who is he and how is he today

Let’s talk about Royal agate, the dancer who finished second behind Federico Angelucci in the sixth edition of Amici. A few months ago, she spoke again and revealed that she had finally finished her two-year course of chemotherapy, and that she had probably defeated the disease. He said on social media:Hard to explain, chemotherapy bags are often covered in aluminum foil so you don’t see what comes inside to kill everything! Difficult to explain pain, always in silence, vomiting, various complications, fever, mouth sores, night sweats, visions, fears, poison in the mouth, inability to go to the bathroom and crying out of pain over the most natural thing.”

But then he finally adds: “I’m finally done after 2 1/2 years! I’m done with chemo and it feels really weird. I think it’s hard to feel free after this experience… You think the drugs help you keep the disease from coming back and when you finally say I’m done the break up, feeling so weak , vomiting, dizziness, crazy heads. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t want to know.”. We hope that Royal agate Conquer disease forever.

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