First details online, Bloober team in development, PS5 exclusive time –

First details online, Bloober team in development, PS5 exclusive time –

appeared on the Internet I First details From Silent Hill 2 Remakeone of the games that Konami should announce tonight during the event dedicated to the Silent Hill series, and which should mark its rebirth.

According to the leak, which comes from the WhatIfGaming website, to which we already owe verified advance information, such as that from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, which can be played in advance by those who book the game, and which has a testimonial collection of some anonymous sources. , which are considered reliable, and the project will be in the hands of the Bloober Team, studio The Medium and Layers of Fear, which has a cooperation agreement with Konami.

It also confirmed the rumors that it will be ‘PS5 exclusive temporary console for a period of twelve months. So it will also be released instantly on PC.

So far there isn’t one yet release dayHowever, PlayStation users will be able to add it to the PlayStation Store Wishlist right after the event.

Is Silent Hill 2 about to return?

On the one hand Play, the work will be framed by the shoulders of the protagonist. Masahiro Ito and Akira Yamaoka, lead authors of the original script, also collaborated on the project.

Finally, the Graphics It has been described as gorgeous and the latest generation.

For the rest, it is worth reporting on the fact that the insider The Snitch, known for the quality of its sources, cited it.

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