Users are happy with the new feature, which is surprising

Users are happy with the new feature, which is surprising

An important novelty in Whatsapp is ready to arrive for the daily use of the messaging application: a function many have been waiting for, details

Whatsapp news is always very interesting and draws attention with users always interested in new features: here is one ready to arrive that will make everything easier, what it is.

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There are many who use it constantly and on a daily basis instant messaging application, Thus it is not surprising that there is always strong curiosity about any new features and functions.

Around updates, Property and items that will change or improve user experience. In detail, in this case, the incoming person is associated with one Function than will allow Search chat messages by the day they were sent.

This is not a petty fad, because this will pay off Easier to climb Exactly for this the message is searched, Thus getting an additional search tool.

So, there would be a way to do an extension Find a message arrived in individual chats Based on Collection, It will only indicate the date the string arrived at the device. As mentioned, a tool that adds to your keyword research.

Whatsapp news coming soon: search by date not just by keywords

There are many interesting items and ideas when it comes to the phone in general, such as Trick to turn off notifications Smartphone access.

As well as in the case The WhatsApp, And you think in this sense of novelty social communication That arrived: how it works and why a small revolution can be a big revolution in communication.

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But back to Search by dateThe upcoming new feature was revealed by WABetainfo. It’s something many have been asking for and waiting for, and its release has to come with it One of the following updates for the messaging app.

In this way, it will be easier and more intuitive for the user to track and find the message that has arrived over time.

So, it looks like the app is about to re-attack this new feature. Currently, as is known-Search is possible only by keywords. Anything can also represent a limit, if the thing used is commonly used and thus leads to many and varied results.

In this way, with the next update, it will be possible to find it messages, multimedia content, and documents In chats using the standard The date of sending or receiving.

It will be sufficient to indicate the day for which the section is being searched “near” Put in the chat and then enter the keyword. The rest, therefore, will be searched automatically from the application

Apparently, secondly WABetaInfo, The new product works fine in the beta version. Therefore, its launch should not take long.

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