The prosecution requests a second case to be filed against Shakira

The prosecution requests a second case to be filed against Shakira

The Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the opening of the second case before the court against Shakira on charges of defrauding the Tax Authority of 6.1 million euros in 2018, considering that there are not sufficient indications that the two crimes she was accused of were committed. However, the Public Prosecution is aware that there is a “tax liability” on the part of the singer and that she will have to pay this debt to the Spanish and Catalan tax authorities through administrative means.

In this way, Public Prosecutor Carmen Martin Aragón supports the dismissal request submitted three months ago by the singer’s lawyers, Pablo Molins and the Miriam Company. Sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO confirm that the Spanish and Catalan tax authorities also require the application to be submitted. This judicial process was born out of a complaint filed by the same Public Prosecutor’s Office in which it was claimed that the Colombian artist took advantage of a “corporate structure”, with a company incorporated in Luxembourg, to avoid paying taxes in Spain. Companies in Spain, the Netherlands, the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Panama and Liechtenstein also participated in these operations. After the opening of this second case, Shakira deposited $6.6 million in court (slightly more than claimed).

In November last year, Shakira had already reached an agreement with the Public Prosecution Office, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Prosecution Office, which is also the prosecutor, in the first complaint filed against her on charges of defrauding the treasury. In this way he was able to obtain a prison sentence of eight years and one month and fines of 23.8 million euros, reduced to a prison sentence of three years and a fine of 7.3 million for defrauding the treasury of 14.5 million euros between the years 2012 and 2014.

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