The fifth episode of the series La Dama Velata: Previews

The fifth episode of the series La Dama Velata: Previews

La Dama Velata Preview for Episode 5

The veiled ladyprogress Fifth episode in the reboot: back from Sunday 31 July 2022 Prime Time on Ray 1 Fiction directed by Carmen Elia. We are in the penultimate date. The story revolves around Clara (Miriam Lyon), a young woman forced into an arranged marriage by her father at the end of the 19th century. She didn’t drown in the river as everyone thought and went back to make sure everyone got what they deserved. This series is Rai Fiction, Lux Vide, and Telecinco Cinema. Realized in collaboration with the Trentino Film Commission. The veiled lady Produced by Matilde and Luca Bernabe. Again with the first two episodes on Al Rai Channel 1 on July 31, 2022. Below The plot and previews of the fifth episode of The veiled lady It was broadcast on Sunday, August 28, 2022 in a replay starting at approximately 9.25pm ​​on Rai 1.

The Veiled Lady Episode 9 Conspiracy

Myriam Leon (Clara Grande) in a scene from “La Dama Velata”. Credits: Ray

In the first episode of this evening entitled “seed of madnessClara (Miriam Leon) has a deep fear: this Jedo Lino Guialelli is involved in a murder Ludovico (Felix Gomez). However, after seeing her husband’s reaction to the death, she dismissed all doubts. I felt the peasant protests but Matthew Jaime Olías has no way to talk to him Clara. There are also problems in the silk factory. Jedo Have to apply for another loan from Baroness (Juana Acosta). She’s asking for a guarantee this time. Clara She became increasingly isolated and began to have hallucinations.

The Veiled Lady Episode 10 Conspiracy

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Lino Guili (Conte Guido Fossa) in a scene from
Lino Guili (Count Guido Fossa) in a scene from the movie “La Dama Velata”. Credits: Ray

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In the second episode of this evening entitled “goodbye messageFollow his terms Clara She was booked into a clinic for the mentally ill. She realizes she was a victim of lutean poisoning. His suspicions do not fall only on traitors Adelaide (Lucrezia Lante della Rover) and Cornelius (Andrea Bosca) but also about Guido. So he decided to try to escape. try to reach Matthew in San Leonardo. I was chased and startled by the whip. I fell into the subconscious Adige. When Clara She was never found again, but one of her shoes appeared again, everyone believed that she had committed suicide.

La Dama Velata episodes, programming

there season 1 de The veiled lady Consists of twelve episodes. It is broadcast over six evenings. This means that each loop consists of two loops. Programming the episodes In a reply It is set Sunday evening at Rai 1 beginning on Sunday July 31, 2022 for six consecutive evenings. The start date of the first episode of the evening The veiled lady Around 21:25.

La Dama Villata in the flow, where to watch the TV series

The veiled lady In the stream are among the titles available in the catalog Ray Play. On the platform, episodes have already been uploaded and are visible even after a rebroadcast, having debuted on March 17, 2015 in the absolute premiere.

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