“Your Friends,” a tribute album to an unforgettable artist

“Your Friends,” a tribute album to an unforgettable artist

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in Josep Maria Longueras “Lungo” He was not just a musician, he was a dear friend to several generations of musicians who shared concerts and studio recording hours with him over the years. That’s why thirty musicians wanted to honor him through a joint album. It’s about the disk Your friends (Microscope, 2023).

It is an album that includes 16 versions of songs longaccompanied by an unreleased song from their most emblematic collection La madam Titled “Velma” it was recently recorded by his bass player Ricard AlvarezAnd “Un dia com avsi”, which is an unreleased songAlex Cross to La madam With custom message. Additionally, it includes a cover of the song “Lonely Avenue” performed by him Montse Laras I Mikel Pratsa recurring piece in the blues repertoire long He lives

His sudden death leaves a clear void, but nothing will erase the artistic legacy he leaves behind: a bag full of good songs. If there’s one thing all the musicians around him agree on, it’s admitting it long He knew how to write good songs.

Disc title Your friends A clear reference to his album my friends From 2012, where Llongue parodied a cover of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles To include the faces of their friends and social contacts.

The list of songs on the album is as follows:

James Babel I Henry Roman“An abyss that will never be repeated.”

new“Dolchessima Maria”.

Albert Freixas“You might fall in love.”

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Xavi Vidal I Bernie Mora“Don’t let me look at the sea.”

Joan Macedio I Maurice Jane“Ara or Mai.”

Garcia Duran offered“pay in advance.”

Lithuanian I Bao Milo“Another Afternoon”.

West franc I EOL cases“Look in the face.”

Carmen Calvo I Fernando Mas“When spring comes.”

Mikel Bujado with Xavier Battles“Chronicle”.

Thirst for evil“my friends”.

porridge“The Last Conflict”.

Montse Laras I Mikel Prats“the only way”.

Ricard Alvarez“Velma.”

Cruso“A day like today.”

Paul Crolls“Earthlings Pavilion.”

Marta Baldillo“From the roof.”

Nando Caballero“Travelling alone.”

Larico“Remind me it’s Christmas.”

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