MútuaTerrassa celebrates its 25th week without smoking

MútuaTerrassa celebrates its 25th week without smoking

From 25 to 31 May, the 25th Smoking Cessation Week is celebrated, promoted by the Catalan Network of Smoke-Free Hospitals, of which Motoa Terrassa University Hospital is an active member. Montse Moreno, occupational health nurse from MútuaTerrassa, accompanies us to explain how we can stop smoking and the risks associated with tobacco consumption. According to Moreno, smoking is a habit that is often taken up at an early age, out of the need for social acceptance and personal affirmation, but its consequences on health are serious and multiple.

What is the tobacco prevalence rate in Catalonia?

Although smoking rates have decreased in recent years, falling from 29.4% in 2002 to 24.1% in 2022 in Catalonia, the problem still exists. According to a smoking prevalence survey conducted at Mutua Terrassa University Hospital in 2018, 24.5% of participants were daily or occasional smokers, and 76.7% of them had thought about quitting smoking at some point. For this reason, it is necessary to continue working on support programs to help people kick the habit, such as health promotion campaigns and opportunistic medical consultations.

Quitting smoking is a difficult process that requires willpower and professional support. Moreno recommends following a series of steps: make a firm decision, prepare, choose a date to quit smoking, clean up the tobacco environment and persist by identifying risky situations. Also remember that health benefits are noticeable immediately, such as oxygen levels returning to normal within 8 hours, improved sense of smell and taste after a few days, and a lower risk of heart disease after one year. Those who want to quit smoking can go to their primary care center for advice and support in the process.

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