Some ways to be happy, according to science

Some ways to be happy, according to science

FifthDo you want to be happy? If it’s for science, it gives you the secrets of grasping happiness and making it yours!

How to be happy: Small strategies that work

What does it mean to be happy? Without thinking about who knows the unattainable state of bliss, we can actually talk about serenity and inner well-being. be content with your life, Happy and calm It’s everyone’s dream, but how do you really achieve that goal?

If they don’t teach us in school and in the family the messages are often conflicting, science has taken an interest in giving an answer. In fact, scientists from all over the world have for years wondered what happiness is and what is the best way to get around it. result? Searches and experiments made it possible to find them some rules” It can be helpful for you to make a happier life.


Less good intentions, more measurable goals: that’s how it works

Don’t chase her

Happiness, experts reveal, is Paradox. what does that mean? Simply the more you chase and focus on her, the more she will run away from you. The problem is that chasing it often also means idealizing our mind and building a series of complex and unattainable goals in reality.

In fact, chasing happiness will only remind you of all that you don’t have, causing you to focus on your needs and what you think you’re missing, rather than on what’s around you, causing you to lose sight of exactly what’s right.

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Take advantage of your time

Our time is precious and important, but we often let it slip away without giving it the right value. research doneUniversity of Nottingham In fact, it has been discovered that when we spend our time devoting ourselves to a hobby or activity we love, our level of happiness increases. choose one sports that suits you, subscribe to it Cooking class Or give yourself an hour a day in exchange Aesthetic treatment Or to read that book that has been sitting on the bedside table for weeks. If you do this, you will not only become the owner of your time again, but also fill it with something beautiful and fulfilling.

Not only that: A University of Colorado study found that setting your alarm an hour earlier than usual has a positive effect on mood. the reason? You feel that you have many hours available in the day and that you can manage your time better, filling it with what you love.

Make experiments

Shopping is often a definite “therapeutic”, but it gives us joy, according to experts, It’s only fleeting. Experiences, on the other hand, are able to provide satisfaction that lasts over time and involves all sensory and cerebral circuits. When you visit a new city, for example, the dishes you taste, the sensations you experience while walking the streets, and the landscapes you admire stay with you, offering you something very similar to happiness. A sense of well-being heightened if the experience is shared with someone and yields memories that are more lasting (and precious) than any store-bought item.

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8 simple self-esteem exercises to do every day


8 simple self-esteem exercises to do every day

Eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good not only for the body, but also for the mind. According to the University of Warwick, in fact, eating a healthy diet is the starting point for feeling happy. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables leads to an increase in feeling good Which, according to an English study, may be caused by the presence of carotenoids in the blood.

Do something for others

Meeting the needs of others can help you achieve happiness. A study conducted by the University of Illinois says that Volunteer activities They will be a source of exceptional joy to many people. The thesis confirmed by a study published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Sciences Who showed how putting children’s needs before their own—showing unconditional love—makes parents feel happier.

Don’t worry about money

Money can buy everything, but not happiness. It is a hard reality that confronts us with money limits that, it seems, can only make us truly happy. If this condition cannot be purchased, what should be done? I have good salary Make sure it is important, but learn to look at it relative and not focus your entire existence on the need to earn more.

Qualities that must be developed in order to be happy

Then there are some skills that you must learn to develop and use in order to be happy. first and foremostRespect my selfThat is, the appreciation we have for ourselves that does not come from what we do, but simply from the realization that we are people worthy of love, with our flaws and our strengths. Good self-esteem is the starting point for achieving happiness, in fact it will allow you to accept your personality, even in aspects that you do not like, and to face the insecurities that aim to lead you astray.

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Don’t forget to be flexible. there Flexibility It is the ability to adapt to events, but without running into them, always facing them with a creative and positive attitude. Learn to think outside the box, based on your desires and not based on what other people expect of you. To do this, train every day with small exercises and mantra phrases Which will allow you to look at everything from a different point of view.

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