Must see: Lions release their jersey!

Must see: Lions release their jersey!

The new branch of the Canadians (Lions de Troyes-Rivers) was unveiled on Friday evening, in its best-selling uniform for the 2021-2022 season, “JiC”, for the first time in its history. (See video above).

Going to the studio for a presentation, the general manager of the group, Mark-Andre Bergeron, made his comments a few days before the training camp opened.

“We have already signed several Cubes. We want comrades from here. This is very important to us.”

In total, Bergeron notes that there are currently 18 players under contract. He wants 22 to start the campaign.

The training camp starts on October 7th. So there will be a few open positions for potential surprises. ”

According to the former Canadian defender, it is obvious that fans will quickly fall in love with “his” Lions players.

“The guys who are going to play with us do not have regular courses. They are late-growing, small, etc. They have a special taste and are easy to enjoy. Just because your path is different does not mean that the NHL is impossible. People are going to love comrades.”

Keep in mind that TVA Sports Channel will be airing 26 Troyes-Rivers Lions games this season.

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