Application in Federal Court | The Biden government is arguing against the Texas Anti-Abortion Act

(Washington) The government of Joe Biden on Friday appealed to a federal judge to expedite the enactment of a law in Texas banning majority abortions in this vast state.

The law came into force on the 1stThere is In September, U.S. Attorney General Brian David Nether said at a hearing in Austin that “there is a serious threat to the rule of law.”

According to him, this “truly unbelievable text is designed to violate the Constitution, excluding the federal government”, which requires “judicial intervention”.

Texas law prohibits abortion once the fetal heartbeat is detected, i.e. within six weeks of pregnancy, and does not make an exception in cases of sexual intercourse or rape.

In recent years, comparable laws have been passed by a dozen other conservative states and have been attacked for violating the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction in court. It guarantees the right of women to have an abortion until the 22nd week of pregnancy, when infertility is not possible.

But Texas text has a unique device: it “exclusively” entrusts citizens with the task of taking action by encouraging women to file complaints against organizations or individuals who assist in illegal abortions.

The Supreme Court, which has a clear majority of Conservative judges, rejected these “new practical questions” a month ago, blocking legislation sought by abortion rights defenders.

It then entered the federal legal arena, sparking its interest in upholding the constitutional rights of Americans.

“The United States does not often take legal action to challenge a state’s law, and does not do so in this case or elsewhere, but this solution is necessary because it represents an unprecedented attack on the law. The priority of the federal government and the federal constitution,” Mr Netter said.

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Texas State Attorney William Thompson criticized him for using “inflammatory rhetoric” and said the law respects Supreme Court law.

“If the state has so much faith in the constitution of abortion limits, why did it make such an attempt to create this extraordinary private device? Denied Judge Robert Pitman.

The magistrate further did not disclose his views. He can make a decision very quickly.

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