Struggles across the United States to defend the right to abortion

(Washington) The first women’s march during the administration of President Joe Biden took the lead on Saturday in defending access to abortion, which has been undermined by conservative politicians and judges.

Ellen Nickmeyer
Associated Press

Prior to the march, several thousand women gathered near the White House, carrying signs with slogans such as “Take care of your own uterus” or “Abortion is a personal choice, not a legal debate.” Organizers The Washington March is one of hundreds of protests over the abortion theme across the country.

Elaine Baijal, a 19-year-old American university student, came to protest with her friends, and her own mother took part in a similar demonstration in the 1970s. Rights after 40 years, ”he notes.

The Row V. Wade, granted by the Supreme Court in 1973, legalized abortion for generations of American women. But President Donald Trump’s appointment of three new conservative judges could be a distraction as many southern states seek to overturn the ruling.

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Struggle in Houston, Texas

The march was “part of a struggle to guarantee, protect and strengthen our constitutional right to abortion,” women’s team organizer Rachel O’Leary Carmona said in a statement. This is the struggle against Supreme Court justices, state legislators and senators, those who are not on our side – or those who are not acting with the urgency needed for this issue now. ”

The day before the march, the Biden administration urged a federal judge to overturn the country’s most restrictive law banning most abortions in Texas since early September. This is one of the controversies that gives the Supreme Court the opportunity to support or overthrow. Wade.

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Struggle in Austin, Texas

“We are going to fight Texas,” promised Marsha Jones of the Ophia Center for Black Women’s Health Care in Dallas, speaking at a Washington meeting. “You can not tell what our body is doing anymore!”

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Opponents of women’s access to abortion described the theme of this year’s parade as “giant”. “What about equal rights for unborn women?” Jean Mancini, leader of the anti-abortion group March for Life, tweeted.

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