March 25, 2023

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Musk buys Twitter and immediately fires four top managers – Internet and social networks

A few hours before the judge’s deadline, Elon Musk completed a $44 billion Twitter purchase and immediately took a clean sweep by brutally firing four senior managers, including CEO Parag Agrawal. Other torpedoes are Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal, Chief Legal and Policy Affairs Vijaya Jade, and General Counsel Sean Edgett. At least one of them was escorted outside the San Francisco headquarters, where the richest man in the world had already landed yesterday with a large basin with a mysterious meaning. He clarified Thursday that he wanted to buy Twitter motivated by “love” and a desire to “help humanity.” He warned of the current danger of social media splitting into “right and left voice chambers that breed more hate and divide the country. In the relentless search for clicks, traditional media has fueled extremism. That’s why I buy Twitter. Not because it’s easy, not because it makes money.” I do so in an effort to help the humanity I love, and I do so humbly, realizing that despite my best efforts, there is a real possibility of failure “in trying to achieve goals,” he adds. In fact, he triumphs over the one thing his empire lacks: an audience A global media personality makes him the richest man on the planet more powerful and influential. Musk also tried to reassure his intentions. He told advertisers worried about the prospect of less controls on content: “You’re not going to be an open hell for everyone,” against all, and “where you can say anything without consequences.” The message to the company’s employees that tweets are equally clear: There is no intention to cut the workforce by 75%, as the press rumors imagine. The visionary entrepreneur sure wants to revolutionize the platform, and also use it as an “accelerator to build X, an app everything “. “Censorship” is lifted, with Donald Trump possibly returning after being banned for inciting assault on the US Congress. This concludes one of the most controversial economic and media operations in recent US history, after Twitter took Musk to court to withdraw the initial offer, only to think again when he felt the lawsuit was not going well for him.

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