The opinion fee, to be exempted, you must hurry: otherwise, 6 months will be exceeded

By January 31, the alternative declaration must be submitted for the Rai license fee waiver. A delay of even a day would be extremely harmful.

Will for touching the Fee Rai button. The Italians never shrugged, in recent weeks the hypothesis of the increase has been presented several times.

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actually hypothesis. However, it is enough to provoke controversy in public opinion, which is increasingly associated with TV shows, but is not always enthusiastic about the idea of ​​having to pay for a home service that can also be accessed on other devices. This has always been the case, especially since the amount due was entered included in the electric bill. The decision to prevent tax evasion (because it is a tax) assuming, in fact, that each family unit has at least one device capable of transmitting national public network software.

Partially it is. However, things can change on this front as well Very tangible possibility That as of 2023, the Rai license fee and invoice are again separate. This does not mean, of course, that the TV tax will be removed but only that it will be necessary to remember to pay a separate flyer. At least, that’s what tax claimants will have to do. It should not be forgotten, in fact, that some taxpayers are exempt from payment, provided they submit a specific form for the alternative return. In essence, they will have to prove that they really deserve the exemption.

‘€90 is low’: Rai fees, other than canceled, could increase

The opinion fee that is entitled to exemption and when to apply

Pay attention to the dates. Even if you are entitled to waive the Rai fee, it will be necessary to provide the appropriate documentation within the pre-set time frame. One of the deadlines is very close: Monday, January 31, will, in fact, be the last day available to submit a tax return form to the Revenue Agency. otherwise, We’ll have to wait for a new break date, or June 30th. In the meantime, the semester will be considered taxable for all purposes. This is because, if the exemption is requested by January 31, the exemption will be in effect all year long. Unlike in the case of an application sent to June 30 which, in fact, will only exempt the following semester.

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Rai license, the good news is coming: there are those who are entitled to a refund

This is why the expiration date should be taken into due consideration. If the alternative declaration is submitted after January 31, 2022, in any case no later than June 30, the waiver will be valid only for the second semester. Basically, the January 31st date becomes necessary to obtain the 12-month exemption. A delay of even one day means a loss of six months, despite the fact that the delay in submitting the document is actually contained. Do not submit advertising until June 30th, the exemption will actually cost an entire year. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the document will be valid for one year. This means that if you apply in 2021, it will be necessary to file again in 2022. Procedures are standard: the application is available on the Revenue Agency website or via the PEC, at [email protected]. . Otherwise, you can proceed on paper. The important thing is that we move forward quickly. Or you will have to put your hand in your wallet.

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