Musetti regrets that he lost a few matches from Al-Nassr

Musetti regrets that he lost a few matches from Al-Nassr

Lorenzo Musetti wastes very early, losing 63 36 67 (5) 63 60 to Luca van Assche after leading 3-2 in the fourth set. But since then, he has never won a match again. Thus he finished the Australian Open to the tidy, intelligent, complete but beatable Frenchman. It can be overcome precisely with the best qualities of Musetti, the change of pace, the versatility, and perhaps with those forward accelerations that hurt the Frenchman so badly: it's just that he resorted to this solution, and these schemes, very few. For a long time, in several moments of the match, in fact the decisive moments, we saw Musetti as a player who does not take risks, accepting regular exchanges and putting himself on the best surface for his opponent.

It was a very tough and fought match from the start. Blue said –. I didn't start well, unlike my opponent. Then I was able to find the rhythm and playing solutions to face tennis that today was, frankly, more than three and a half hours at a very high level. Certainly praise must also be given to my opponent. “It's a shame, because after winning the third set in such a complicated way, with an important tiebreak, and playing well and making the right choices at the right moments, it was definitely a positive moment for me.”

“It's unfortunate that I didn't lead in the fourth set when I had the opportunity to do so. There, at the end of the fourth set and the beginning of the fifth set, my luck was a bit bad… “Unfortunately, this is a period where luck is not on my side… but sooner Or later it will change. From that moment on, he was good at not giving up on anything anymore, and deservedly so, he left. “I, on the contrary,” he was no longer able to be strong enough to disturb him“, said the 21-year-old from Carrara, as reported by Francesca Paoletti, who was sent to Melbourne. “I don't know if I will play in Montpellier. Of course I will do everything until Indian Wells, I will go to Marseille, Rotterdam and Dubai and then we will see“.

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