Live broadcast, Kvaratskhelia converts the penalty kick!

Live broadcast, Kvaratskhelia converts the penalty kick!


64′ – Kvaratskhelia is not wrong! 3-1 Napoli!

Execution of the great Kvaratskhelia Who kicks hard and accurately under the corner on the right of Easter! Maradona comes alive, and Napoli returns to the double advantage!


62 & # 39; Penalty kick for Naples! Wooden hand ball and in a field review

Penalty kick for Napoli! wooden handball On a screenshot from Ndombele. Referee Zwer awards the penalty after being summoned by VAR and on field review


53 & # 39; Bad foul by Alvarez on Lobotka, a warning is given

The Slovakian director passes away with a nice change of pace to Alvarez, who puts him on the pun: foul and yellow for the Mexican. On punishment developments, Ndombele tries from a distance, without framing the goal


49 & # 39; Ajax goal with Klassen. Trouble for Anguise, enter Ndombele. Osimhen also in the field

Ajax reopens the match: a cross pass from the left and a big break up for Davy Classen In the center of the box: hit Merritt. Meanwhile, Anguisa is discharged due to injury, and Ndombele enters. Problems in the right leg of the Cameroonian. It also reviews itself Osimene: Raspadori comes out. Maradona applause for the Nigerian striker.


46 & # 39; – Recovery begins, Osimhen begins to warm up

The second half begins in Maradona. We’ll see if Ajax can get back in the game. Schroeder’s squad gradually faded in the first half after a good start. Meanwhile in Naples it started to warm up Victor Osimhen


45 ‘+2’: The first half ended: Napoli – Ajax 2-0

The first part of the match is over: Napoli leads 2-0 He controls the game. Maradona applause.

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33′ – Sanchez warned, foul on unstoppable Kaffa

Ajax’s second yellow card. Sanchez goes through a tunnel of infidels, kicks him out and ends up in the bad guys book.


27 & # 39; Ajax Taylor warned

first yellow card From the match Taylor of Ajax, due to trampling on Lobotka.


16′ – Napoli doubles with Rasbadore

2-0 from Napoli with Rasbadori. Still a big infidel on the right, he passes it to Raspaduri who hits hard and finds the double. Show in Maradona.


14′ – Only kudos in the area roars hard by pulling to the side

Ajax again with Kudos Which pulls a bad side: he finds himself alone in the area. When turning in front, Kvaratskhelia is unleashed, then the ball reaches the other side to Lozano, who raises the left crossbar.


9′ – Right Bergwijn, Merritt Stretch

Ajax reacts to a right deviant from Bergwijn, Merritt stretches and manages to get there. Then Berghuis zero the ball to the edge of the post from the right.


3′ – Napoli ahead of Lozano

One – two with Zelensky, header by Lozano To climb above the goalkeeper in the far corner. Naples immediately!


Napoli – Ajax: kick-off for the Azzurri

Napoli-Ajax started In front of 53 thousand spectators. The cry of “champions” that erupted from the stands at the time of the anthem is always unique.


Giuntoli: “I’m fine in Naples, I will not change”

Napoli sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli spoke to Sky Sports: “I’m fine here in Naples, and I don’t intend to change the atmosphere. I have an excellent relationship with the De Laurentiis family.” Then again: “We are proud that we have been underestimated for many years, even Italian football. But we know how to play football and have used the few resources available. Tonight we can hit the goal and then manage our forces, but it will be a difficult match.” About Osimin: “Every year we try to improve the team, sometimes we don’t succeed. Our aim was to give different alternatives to the coach (Raspadori and Simeone ed). We try to do few but meaningful operations. In Italy there are a lot of tactics and those coming from abroad need stability, but we are good at waiting for our players.”


Zeman: “Juventus and Napoli? There is no comparison”

Zdenek Zeman spoke at Kiss Kiss Napoli: “Watching Napoli Spalletti is better than Juventus Allegri: there is no comparison. We hope they achieve the same result with Ajax as Amsterdam and then go as far as they can. Championship? They should not sleep, it happened in the past. Kvaratskhelia? He is excellent and he is doing well. Osimhen He’s more on the counterattack, while with Raspadori the team plays closer and shorter. Giacomo reminds me a bit of Baiano in Foggia, he sacrifices a lot for the team. Lobotka has made great progress, perhaps before she was badly exploited. She doesn’t have a great header, but Others should think about it.”


Napoli – Ajax: Official line-ups, playing Oliveira and Juan Jesus

Ajax (4-3-3): Easter; Sanchez, timber, blind, bassy; Clasen, Alvarez, Taylor; Bergwijs, Codos, Bergwijn. Schroeder herds. Available: Stekelenburg, Gorter, Wijendal, Proby, Ocampos, Luca, Grealish, Bass, Rieger, Magalan, Conceicao.


Naples: Osimhen is back, Rahmani is absent

In Naples, Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen returns to the team after a while. But Spalletti loses defender Rahmani, who will return to the field in January after the World Cup.


Napoli vs Ajax to qualify for the round of 16

Spalletti is looking for a fourth win in a row In the Champions League group, which means sporting qualification for the round of 16 (in fact a draw is enough) and keeping Liverpool away from first place. In the first leg, in Amsterdam, 6-1 Napolitans.

Naples – Diego Armando Maradona Stadium

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