Health insists on vaccination to avoid serious influenza cases

Health insists on vaccination to avoid serious influenza cases

Epidemic wave l control Streaming appears to have peaked this week, although the level of streaming is still high. The COVID-19 infection rate continues to decline, as do hospitalizations. However, the Department of Health Insist on Getting vaccinated is the best preventative measure To avoid severe cases of influenza. Remember also that it is accessible throughout Catalonia and for all residents by making an appointment at La Meva health, Or to CAP.

During the last epidemiological week, from 8 to 14 January, in Sabadell and Catalonia as a whole, the total incidence of acute respiratory infections (ARI) increased. Recorded a slight decline Compared to the previous week. The IRA rate is 874 affected per 100,000 population. 68,868 cases of acute respiratory infections were recorded.

Of all respiratory virus samples, influenza is the most common (39.9% of samples), followed by rhinovirus (11.9%), SARS-CoV-2 (9.2%), and VRS (5.9%). Among children, multiple test positivity also shows that influenza is the most prevalent virus (47.9%), declining compared to the previous week, followed by respiratory syncytial virus (5.8%), which continues to decline.

As for influenza, it appears that the epidemic wave has passed its peak this week, but a second wave is not ruled out. The estimated peak incidence was 363 (307-419) cases per 100,000 population, which is higher than last year and similar to the years before the epidemic. but, The transmission level remains high We must remember that last year there was a second peak of influenza, which was more severe than the first, six weeks after the first peak.

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Added to the epidemiological situation this year is the co-spread of the Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2). Its incidence continues to decline, at 80 (54-106) cases per 100,000 population, as does the associated income.

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