Google accounts hacked, there is a new danger on the Internet: how to defend yourself

Google accounts hacked, there is a new danger on the Internet: how to defend yourself

New alert for internet users. Millions of Google accounts are being hacked, and the risk is real: here's how to defend yourself.

Let's talk about it again Network security and potential risks For users. Even the year 2024 will not be without new alarms and threats created by hackers and cybercriminals, but there are already many news that should attract your attention as well. In particular, lately we've been talking about it Millions of Google accounts are at risk of being hacked.

Warning Google users, there is a hacker attack –

They thought about sounding the alarm Some cybersecurity experts, Which explained in detail the modus operandi of the villains. With proper awareness, it is possible to properly defend yourself and avoid harmful consequences of your personal information. Here's everything you need to know about him and some Possible contraindications In the event of potentially dangerous actions being taken.

How to defend yourself from the threat of hacked Google accounts: The alarm has been sounded

With an official notification from the cybersecurity company CloudSEK I wanted to inform all users about some recent developments that the world of hackers is moving towards to obtain sensitive and personal data. or Exploiting a cookie vulnerability To be able to violate Google user accounts Obtaining private information illegally.

Here's how to defend yourself from the threats of hacked Google accounts –

As described, in fact, it appears to be Google authentication cookie It is particularly sensitive and contains some type of flaw that can be exploited by hackers to bypass security systems. In some cases, you have the option Yes Bypass two-factor authentication Without knowing the password. There is widespread malware with a sophisticated form of exploitation, designed by people with very in-depth knowledge of computer security.

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Google confirmed this Already be aware of the problem On Google Chrome and we are working to solve everything using some technical applications to detect hacked accounts. If you want to avoid any risks, there are some tips that may be useful to you.

For example Enable Enhanced Safe Browsing mode On Chrome, but not only. It's always a good idea to log out of all accessible accounts and profiles if you suspect you've been hacked. Then go to change password And increase the level of security. With two-factor authentication. Finally, as always, it would be best to install antivirus software Use a VPN For protected browsing.

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