Science and music are a great space for international cooperation

Science and music are a great space for international cooperation

Aldo Amati, the Italian ambassador to Poland, said that science and music represent a great space for international cooperation. On Tuesday 1 March, the “Music for All” conference was held at the Italian Embassy in Warsaw. It was co-organized by the Warsaw University of New Technology Foundation, which was founded on the initiative of his father. the professor. Doctor Hub. Stanisław Dziekoński, Dean of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in the years 2002-2020. The event was hosted by Anna Popek, journalist and TV presenter.

The meeting was attended by: the Apostolic Nuncio in Poland. archbishop. Salvatore Benaccio, Aldo Amati, Ambassador of Italy to Poland, Sr. the professor. Doctor Hub. Stanisław Dziekoński, President of the New Technological University Foundation in Warsaw, Marco Agustinelli, Musician, Doctor Hap. Agata Igras, flautist at Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and David Mancini, co-founder of Artinoise and founder of the Re.Corder instrument.

The conference participants addressed the theme of music, which is “a wonderful and fundamental element of human existence”. During the meeting, the innovative Italian instrument “Re.corder” was presented which, thanks to integrated wireless communication, digital sensors and interactive application, transports the traditional flute into the future.

It’s easy, said Aldo Amati, the Italian ambassador to Poland, thanks to which young people and even the disabled will be able to get a musical education. “Science and music are two excellent areas for international cooperation,” he added.

After the ambassador’s speech, the father said. the professor. Stanisław Dziekoński, President, Warsaw University Foundation for New Technologies.

“When I first heard about the magic flute, I thought of the Papal Message of Pope Francis Fratelli Totti, a document on friendship and brotherhood. The flute is a machine that anyone can use to build social bonds so that the world becomes better for us “- stressed the father. the professor. Dziekoński.

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The President of the Warsaw University of New Technology Foundation appreciated the innovative Italian idea of ​​creating a completely innovative registrar – Re.corder.

“The initiative is part of the difficult experiences we are currently struggling with, but it also brings hope, because music allows us to discover new layers of goodness” – noted the father. the professor. Dziekoński.

He stated that the Foundation of the New Warsaw University of Technology is planning an educational program, which will include, among other things, workshops during which children and young people will be able to get acquainted with the tools necessary to improve interpersonal communication.

Marco Agostinelli, speaking at the meeting, stated that the recorder is one of the most widespread and used tools in schools. In addition, it facilitates and encourages learning of the game.

Re.corder is a flute that combines tradition and innovation, can be used vocally, but is also connected with the application, and is freely available on the AppStore and GooglePlay. So the tool acts as a midi controller, which increases its capabilities in terms of technical parameters and user satisfaction. The application also allows you to play with another person and allows you to play with sheet music. “With advanced technology, Re.corder has also allowed people with congenital or traumatic disabilities to enter the world of music,” noted David Mancini, Artinoise co-founder and founder of the Re.Corder tool. He noticed that all the notes are fully animated, so you can play the instrument with fewer fingers or in other ways.

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The idea and the first patent for the flute was born in the years 2016-2017. The tool is already present in Europe, Japan and North America.

It turns out that in the age when young people spend many hours of the day using digital devices and using content of dubious value, the magic flute can be a tool to help communicate and support difficult reality.

“Music is a medicine that can get into the hands of everyone including the elderly who suffer from loneliness and lack of attention from relatives. The instrument can make music one of your passions,” said Dr. Agata Igras, flautist and academic at F. Chopin in Warsaw.

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