Mourinho: Lukaku? I didn’t know it was so important to Inter. It’s like Calhanoglu | first page

Mourinho: Lukaku?  I didn’t know it was so important to Inter.  It’s like Calhanoglu |  first page

Eve European League For Jose Mourinho Roma. The Giallorossi will face Slavia Prague on Thursday at 9pm in a match worth a lot from a qualifying perspective. After this morning’s training session, which was also open to journalists for 15 minutes, the special spoke at a press conference for journalists present in Trigoria.

He won’t be on the bench tomorrow, not at San Siro. Other coaches have impulsive attitudes, is there a double standard with you?
“Yes, I think so and I don’t know why.”

How is Ndika? Can Smalling play tomorrow?
“Ndika will play tomorrow, he has recovered. We don’t have any options in defense to make a substitution and he has to play. With Smalling there is no plan.”

How is Lukaku doing physically and mentally given what they are preparing for him at Milan?
“Lukaku will play tomorrow. For us, this is important, and without Pellegrini and Dybala, it will become even more important. I did not know that Lukaku was so important at Milan because what he did there, winning the league and other cups, two hundred players have done that in the history of Inter. It is exciting.” Interesting to see because Lukaku, who moved from Inter to Roma to help his coach, is a drama. Calhanoglu, who moved from Milan to Inter, is a marvel. A few years ago Cannavaro “and so was Vieri, no problem. “Lukaku in Roma became something that scared me because I didn’t think he meant much in the history of Inter.”

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What do you think of Slavia Prague and the coach?
“I’ve watched a lot of Slavia matches. The match against Sparta and what they did in all the other matches. Slavia is different in terms of their style of play. We are ready for both Slavia teams that will take the field tomorrow. They are very bright.” “They are good in attacking organization, they have well-defined dynamics and quality players. The defenders also build from below and have a lot of confidence. It is a very prepared team and they have a coach I don’t know, but seeing his team play, I can definitely say he is a good coach.”

Are there players who have impressed you more than Slavia Prague?
“How has the fact that Slavia changes their lineup so often affected your preparations?” “It’s more difficult this way. We had little time to analyze it but we did. They have many attacking solutions with players who can play. They change a lot and this creates more difficulties but we did our job. “It is an excellent team and deserves respect.”

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