Jorginho about the Italy-Macedonia match: “I told Spalletti I was coming back.”

The good moment with Arsenal prompted the coach to remember the Italian-Brazilian: “He always explained his options to me. At the Olimpico where did you miss the penalty kick against Switzerland? Thanks for reminding me…”

Sometimes they come back. Jorginho is here again, he was absent from the Nations in June, and his blue adventure appears to be over now. But his performances in the Premier League for Arsenal have made his recall almost mandatory. Anyone who plays at a high level in London and the surrounding area cannot fail to be in Spalletti’s national team. If Jorginho is as brilliant as he was in Friday’s press conference, we’ve got half a foot in the European Championship.

Were you surprised by Spalletti’s invitation?

“I’m happy to be called up. Spalletti told me straight away what he expects from me. He wants me to control the team, to keep it together, to create a positive game in our mind. We spoke to him in these times. I had options, I played less,” he explained. I told him: Don’t worry, I’ll be back. The call came.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed after the European Championships.

“My ‘radio’ was on, and I was always helping with my voice, but seeing the plays was a little less.”

Comparisons with the Premier League are embarrassing for us. Is England the favorite for the Euro?

“They are always favourites, they have a great team, but talent is not enough to win. The English Premier League is beautiful, but the Italian League is also beautiful.”

“No, I feel like I still have a lot to do. I’m fine and I will do everything to help her. I want to feel the feelings of the European Championship again.”

Why are there more runs in the Premier League?

“There’s more power, I think it’s a cultural thing, the different way they see the game. In Italy, it’s like playing chess, in England, everything is more instinctive, they always throw themselves at everything without thinking too much. That’s the real difference.” .

Rebirth at Arsenal?

“The stability was never immediate, but the start wasn’t bad either. Arteta gives you a billion pieces of information, and it takes time. I’m fine now.”

Returning to Rome, the stadium of the missed penalty kick against Switzerland..

“Thank you for the nice memory… (laughs, editor). I have extra motivation, the Olympics are always nice, and we will need all the positive energy. But I don’t have any psychological obstacles. I would also love to come back to play in Italy one day. “But I don’t know when. I’m very happy at Arsenal, and I have a lot to do in England.”

What if there is a penalty again?

“If that happens, if it is my turn, I will not back down. I am ready, but I am not deciding.”

“It’s not my right to say that. There are young guys growing up, who may not have my characteristics. For now you have to settle with me. For the role you need, you have to put the team in front of you and make things easier for your teammates.”

“A closed and cohesive team will try to hit us with counterattacks. We need to be organized and play attackingly. We have to score. In two games we conceded two shots and two goals, so we must not concede anything anymore.”

There are fewer and fewer Italians to choose from…

“We need to believe more in our talents, whether they are in Italy or abroad. Sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves. That’s the problem.”

Generational change is underway..

“And there are players with a strong personality, like Di Lorenzo, Cristante and Locatelli. The talent is there.”

What is the difference between Mancini and Spalletti?

“I don’t like comparisons, but they both have a lot of experience and a lot of dedication. The game doesn’t look different to me: they demand good football, possession of the ball, a high team and pressing.”

Do you feel that the European Championship has changed?

“Two years of football means a lot of matches: I have developed a lot even by changing teams and coaches. I think I understand the game more and compete better: it is not enough to play well, you need experience.”

“They always have, otherwise I’d have to stop. But I won’t say any.”

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