It’s the first thing your guests will see: pay attention to the doormat, choosing the right doormat is an art

It’s the first thing your guests will see: pay attention to the doormat, choosing the right doormat is an art

Essential before every doorstep, the doormat seems secondary but in fact it immediately gives an idea of ​​who lives there: choose the right one

If you think about it, when you furnish a home, most of your efforts are invested in choosing furniture, colors and fabrics. You are looking for a style that harmonizes with the concept of your home, thus being welcoming and allowing your guests to feel comfortable when invited. But in fact, the first thing you notice when you go into other people’s homes is not the living room or the kitchen: It is the doormat one would expect to be welcomed.

Therefore, a doormat is essential in the home and not only because it allows you to clean the soles of your shoes for the first time. In fact, this rug is designed for the outdoors It immediately gives an idea of ​​who lives in that housewhat style those who are about to get there will find and what to expect: so choosing the right style is key.

Doormat, make no mistake! Here’s how to choose it

First, you have to choose The material you want. An outdoor doormat must be resistant, because it is exposed to sunlight and various factors such as wind or rain, which can quickly damage it. One of the most convenient materials is PVC, although rubber also adapts very well to this rug: resistant and practical, it allows you to easily clean the soles and withstands even the most extreme phenomena.

How to choose the right mop for your home

How to choose the right doormat for your home: it is important for everyone to see it (

However, if the doormat is placed inside an apartment, you can also lean it on it Less resistant but more advanced materials Like, for example, coconut fibre: sensitive to the sun, it is instead ideal for doormats in residential units. As for the mops that are placed inside the apartment as soon as you enter the door, in this case it is the best solutionSynthetic fiber step dryer.

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Nowadays, doormats are available in the market in any shape, color and with any phrase or design. If you want to give your guests a welcome idea, you are welcome Coconut doormat with welcome message. Alternatively, if you have to place it outside and therefore have it made of rubber or PVC, forget the classic black and look for a single colored color or with a pattern that reflects your personality: just a few details are enough to give personality even to your front door. a house!

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