Inter, FIGC GRACES LUKAKU: They will be there against Juventus in the Coppa Italia. Belgian: Justice has been done | first page

Inter, FIGC GRACES LUKAKU: They will be there against Juventus in the Coppa Italia.  Belgian: Justice has been done |  first page

the FIFA President Gabriel Gravina He just beautyor “exceptionally and unusually” Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, to give Strong signal against racism. Belgian So he will be on the field against Juventus in the Italian Cup semi-final first leg scheduled for next Wednesday.

Fighting racism – This is the motive for providing the Football Association: The principle of combating racism in all its forms is a founding element of the sports system. He was the Nerazzurri striker Expelled for a second yellow card At the end of the outer challenge, after Racist chants for which the Juventus fans were initially excluded, then reopened. The Court of Appeal for Sport rejected Inter’s appeal, who then protested: “So the victim becomes the perpetrator.”

Release – Federal President – Grants CU n. 182 of the Serie A Sports Judge of 6 April 2023 according to which the player Lukaku Bolingoli Romelu (Internationale F.C.) was handed a one-day ban after being sent off for a second yellow card in the Coppa Italia match between Juventus and Inter;

– Given the ruling of the Court of Appeal for Sport referred to in CU n. 211 / CSA of 04.21.2023 which affirmed the penalty imposed by the sports judge after the expulsion order;

Considering that it has been unequivocally shown by the report of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office that the said athlete has been subjected, on numerous occasions, to such serious, recurrent and regrettable manifestations of hatred and racism as being able to formally justify disorderly conduct and to have them assessed as such by the race director;

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Considering that the principle of combating racism in all its forms constitutes one of the basic principles of the sports system in its international and national dimensions;

– It is considered, therefore, on the same footing as is generally applicable to all cases of punishment in art. 43 of the Sporting Justice Act, that there are serious grounds for granting an exceptional and exceptional pardon in respect of disqualification for an expulsion order after a second yellow card; Amnesty is granted in connection with the disqualification imposed by the bodies of sports justice on the football player LUKAKU BOLINGOLI ROMELU

Lukaku’s words These are the words of the Belgian striker on Inter’s website: “I am really happy with this decision by the President of the Federation who showed great sensitivity. I believe that thanks to his intervention justice was done and a great signal was given to the whole world of sport and beyond. It has been shown that there is a will to combat racism”

Inter, Lukaku after pardon: justice done! Great reference to the world of sports

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