Fragile villages and overtourism: the first city of Riomaggiore in Biconia at the Science Festival

Fragile villages and overtourism: the first city of Riomaggiore in Biconia at the Science Festival

Fragile villages to protect and overtourism: two sides of the same coin for Riomaggiore, a municipality of the Cinque Terre region. Topics that Mayor Fabrizia Piccogna will talk about during the days as part of the Science Festival. A memo from the administration said: “Two topics that are dear to Fabrizia Becuña, who, during her term as Mayor of Riomaggiore, is implementing strategies and actions to achieve and maintain the sustainable economic development of her municipality. An example of this is the recent experience of reopening the first part of Via dell’Amore “, for a fee and with the support of tour guides, which has been a success in terms of visits and criticism, as it tells the story of this historical path that makes sense of the context in which it is inserted.”

“The goal is to ensure the best livelihoods for citizens and tourists by overcoming the hit-and-run culture in favor of a recovery of activities – such as agriculture and housing – that can generate a virtuous and long-lasting system, so that wonderful and complex places like the Cinque Terre continue to live on the culture and identity that characterized them, without… To be completely distorted by mass tourism – the note continues – these are the themes that are at the heart of two events in which Fabrizia Picconia takes part. The first, Friday 3 November at 5.30 pm in Genoa at the Science Festival, is the screening of the documentary, sponsored by the Association of Italian Geographers, Imprints of Vision: Cinque Terre Yesterday and Tomorrow within the project Greening the Visual: Ecological Atlas of the Italian Landscape.

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The film, annotated by the mayor of Riomaggiore, the director and three geographers, explores the Cinque Terre region in search of the “footprints” that shaped the cultural landscape, whose uniqueness as a “Park of Man” deserves recognition. World Heritage Site. These imprints are found first and foremost in heroic agriculture and in traditional terracing systems (dry stone walls), a synthesis of the profound relationship that has always existed between man and this region, but today is forced to deal with the massive international tourist influx that can Compromising its preservation.

On Saturday 4 November, Mayor Becuña met with Filippo Tantillo at Riomaggiore Castle, on the occasion of the 23rd appointment with Castello di Barol, an event curated by journalist Ornella D’Alessio and in which Mariana Stori, collaborator and former project director, also participated. Guest of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation to coordinate the City Observatory and Urban Transformations. Tantello, author of L’Italia Vuota (Ed Laterza) traveled in Italy’s interior, those areas furthest from basic services – in Piedmont, Sardinia, Molise, Sicily, Friuli – and wrote an article and report on these areas considered marginal, giving voice to those living in the countries, developing reflections on the critical issues that exist – such as the monoculture of tourism understood as the only element of development – ​​and highlighting the points where the centrality of more sustainable societies and economies can be rebuilt.

“We have a duty – says Becuña – to ensure that the wealth of tourism becomes an opportunity for the citizens of Riomaggiore and to preserve our lands. By comparing ourselves with the experiences of other places, applying new rules, and making choices, perhaps uncomfortable, but based on long-term sustainable planning, we can truly achieve Lasting economic and social growth, while respecting the environment, agriculture, spaces and the communities that live there.”

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Science Festival

Vision fingerprints. Cinque Terre between yesterday and tomorrow
Documentary/film with Giulio Latini, Simone Pozzato, Fabrizia Picconia, directed by Marcello Tanca

When: November 3, at 5:30 pm

Where: Palazzo Rocca, Magistrato di Misericordia meeting room
Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 2 – Genoa


Twenty-third appointment at Parole Castle
Interview with Filippo Tantillo and Mariana Storey in conversation with Fabrizia Picconia and Ornella D’Alessio.

When: November 4, at 5:30 pm

Where: Riomaggiore Castle – Riomaggiore (SP)

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